2014 Rosters Posted

After long and contentious deliberations with interminable discussions on how last year’s teams were perfectly balanced (when your team won), the other teams were maliciously and deliberately stacked against (only) you (when your team lost) or totally dysfunctional (when you didn’t score as many goals or see as much floor time as you thought you should), numerous changes (mostly deletions of non returning players and random additions of new names and faces) were made. When the dust settled and all the beer was paid for… most of the teams pretty much stayed the same and the only things decided were the NHL games shown Wednesday night at the Alibi.

Rosters are posted on the 2014 ROSTERS page. Read them and cheer/weep and, as always, complain – nobody will listen but go ahead and whine anyway if it makes you feel better. As noted changes may be made once we see who actually shows up on a regular basis and how goalie allocation can be coordinated to really mess up the strong teams or reinforce the weaker teams.

Season home openers next Wednesday are:

Team Joe vs Team Russ     8:00-9:00

Team Blair vs Team Juniors 9:00-10:00

Bring out your fans to see an (un) remarkable display of old-timers lacrosse.

We will try to post a full schedule as soon as possible – likely Monday or Tuesday.

…and so it begins for another year of high energy, exciting lacrosse…yeah, right.

See you all on Wednesday.


2014 Week 2 – April 23, Kinsmen Arena

Great turnout last Wednesday – 20+ players per bench and lots of new faces. Should be lots of fun trying to make up balanced teams. For this upcoming Wednesday the players from last week’s blue/dark bench (closest to the front of the arena) should come for the 8:00-9:00 time slot and the players from last week’s white bench (furthest from the front of the arena) should come for the 9:00-10:00 time slot. Any players that still haven’t got round to registering, bring you cheques/cash during the first time slot and we will sign you up and electronically register you. Don’t wait too long to decide though, we have 60+ players already and spaces _MAY_ be limited depending on the number of laggards still to show up.

See you all on Wednesday.



April 16 HL Startup

Kinsmen pads are ready for next week so we have 2 hours of floor time to do conditioning runs, wind sprints, work on stick issues, team tryouts, cuts, …. Yeah, right – maybe just setup some random teams to see if we can stumble down the floor a couple of times without having to break out the defibrillators and call 911!

London Masters HL 2014 Startup
Wednesday April 16, 2014
Kinsmen Arena 8:00pm-10:00pm.

If you have already registered show up at 8:00 ready to run. For the slackers that haven’t registered yet, show up at 8:00 with your chequebook and Russ will register you so you can run after the first batch of guys gets tired – probably 10 minutes in. Internet access will be available to complete online insurance registration which is required before you step on the floor.

See you all on Wednesday.