It looked like we were able to get the change of times message out pretty well – it didn’t appear that anyone showed up an hour late for either of the games – technology (email and website) is great…when it works!

In the first game both teams had well stocked benches. Team Russ got out to an early lead and kept adding. Team Blair was unable to solve Justin for their first goal until late in the 2nd period but then they kept picking away at the lead until they got to within one. This seemed to wake up the Team Russ scorers and they scored a few quick ones to discourage any hopes of a further comeback and coasted to victory. Final score Team Russ  11  Team Blair 7.

The second game was a closely fought match for the first two periods, tied at 3 after one and only a 1 goal differential after two. Third period was pretty well all Team Joe as they seemed to get to Gord while clamping down hard on defense outscoring Team Juniors 5-1 in the period. Final score Team Joe 11  Team Juniors  6.

With the results of last night’s games, standings have tightened up again. With only 2 games to go anyone, anything can happen and likely will. ….please try to make the standings definite, we really don’t want to have to use the OLA formula to break ties …….math is HARD!

Next week is #15, August 6, 2014

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     7:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Joe     8:15pm


WEEK #14 JULY 30, 2014 TIME CHANGE!!!!!

As usual goalies never pay attention or no one pays attention to goalies (both seem to be reasonable assumptions)

Game times have been moved up by 1hr – our floor times are now 7:00pm-8:30pm for the rest of the year.

REVISED times for tonight July 30, 2014 – 1hr EARLIER

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     7:00pm

Team Juniors  vs. Team Joe     8:15pm

Please make any close friends/linemates, opponents aware of the change so as many people as possible are informed.


WEEK #14 GAMES – JULY 30, 2014

Tonight’s games July 30, 2014, same time as usual NO! NO!  NO!  moved 1 hr earlier!

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     8:00pm moved 1hr earlier     7:00pm

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Joe     9:15pm moved 1hr earlier     8:15pm



For those of you wanting some challenge in your lives:


London Blue Devils Junior B Lacrosse Club

The Blue Devils are seeking the services of a General Manager for the Junior B program. This volunteer position has the opportunity to develop, rebrand and market a budding lacrosse program in the city of London. At this point in time we are looking to re-establish a strong team brand and community involvement in the game of lacrosse.

Duties include, but are not limited to the following:

-Organize and hire a Head Coach/coaching staff

-To be a contributing factor on the Board of Directors

-Develop and maintain a budget

-Research, attract and sign players

-Develop and market the Junior B program to elevate the sport in London

-Maintain all compliance with in the Junior B lacrosse league and the Ontario Lacrosse Association

Application deadline is August 22nd, 2014

Please forward all correspondence via email to dir_administration@londonlacrosse.com


In the first game Team Blair started out strong with 3 quick goals but were unable to keep up the pressure and the Juniors stormed backed and pulled ahead by a couple by the end of the 2nd period. 3rd period was all Juniors with clear breakaways and uncontested scoring chances in front of the net leading to the final score Team Juniors 11  –  Team Blair 6. With this result Team Juniors appear to be pulling away from the rest of the pack in the all important regular season standings. There should be lots of performance bonuses on the line here – maybe a pitcher or two of appropriate beverages at the end of the regular season.

In the 2nd game Team Russ was without JKOW, their ass’t-chief goalie tormentor while Team Joe had their veteran World Field Championship players back. End result Team Joe 9  –  Team Russ 8. My memory suggests that the scorekeeper may have under counted both winning teams by 1 goal but that doesn’t change the results, only the goalie GAA stats.

For those wondering about goalie scheduling (I know, I know, it is profoundly disturbing that there are non-goalies that actually think about this …stuff), I am keeping track of who plays for which team and planning the schedule accordingly. It is a shame that we don’t have 4 NLL calibre goaltenders for our Wednesday night games so that all the runners could concentrate on their scoring prowess, but then what fun would there be in a bunch of 0-0 tie games? Having to play some defense once in a while leads to more versatile players and takes the harsh intensity blame away from the (lack of) scorers. So far, the goaltender distribution (Justin,Gord/Dan,Guntis) is as follows – Team Blair 7/6, Team Juniors 5/8, Team Joe 7/6, Team Russ 4/9.

There has been a inquiry from the arena staff as to whether we could move up our schedule 1hr from 8:00 – 10:30  to an earlier 7:00 – 9:30.  If anyone has any strong feelings, either way, please comment or email. If there are any changes to be made we will email all and post accordingly.

Next week is Week #14, July 30, 2014

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     8:00pm

Team juniors  vs.  Team Joe     9:15pm

See you all next week.



1st game didn’t start out well for Justin and Team Joe – Matt Vlemmix was picking the corners at will and Team Blair was quickly up by 3. Missing their wily veterans, off at the world’s in Denver, Team Joe fought back and a few goals were exchanged to end the first frame with Team Blair up by only 1, 5-4. A quick goal past Gord early in the 2nd to tie it up and both teams settled down to a defensive struggle – no goals until very late in the period when Team Joe’s Owen Sound connection of Matt Austin and Jon Low popped 3 quick goals behind Gord to push their lead to 8-5. This must have woken up Team Blair as it seemed like all Ian Gordon in the 3rd with Team Blair catching up and pulling away for a decisive 12-8  victory. 2 losses in a 2 weeks for Justin – London Masters brain trust must be reconsidering the long term 20 year, $1 no trade contract they signed him to. Final result Team Blair 12  – Team Joe 8.

2nd game looked to be interesting – Team Juniors had almost 100% turnout with 15 runners packing the bench while Team Russ looked ….decimated…only 7 runners! But…looks can be deceiving, Team Russ was able to put a couple of quick goals past Justin early in the period and with the late arrival of JKow they seemed to be able to stay with the relentless scoring of Team Juniors. The score seesawed back and forth with no one able to pull too far ahead. Team Juniors were finally able to get ahead by 3 late in the 3rd but a couple of very quick goals pulled Team Russ to within 1 going in to the last minute of play. Team Juniors were able to control the ball and ran out the clock to eke out at 1 goal victory – final result Team Juniors 13  – Team Russ 12. Another highlight of the 2014 season – close, fun game! Four weeks left in the regular season and standings are still pretty close 2 points separate the top 3 teams and Team Joe is only 3 points back of 3rd place. Don’t forget to place your ProLine bets for the final standings – remember, anything can happen.

Next is Week #13 – July 23, 2014

Team Blair  vs.  Team Juniors     8:00pm

Team Joe  vs.  Team Russ     9:15pm

See you all next week.




Lacrosse – definitely a game of momentum and streaks! First game started off very badly for Team Joe – 3 quick goals against in the early minutes  – another blowout…maybe? or not! As usual, having scored 3 quick goals, Team Juniors let off the gas a bit and Team Joe started picking away at their deficit. By the end of the 1st period they had tied it up at 3 and then pulled ahead by 2 for a 5-3 lead – 5 straight goals! That seemed to wake the Juniors up a bit so they went on a goal scoring streak themselves – 4 goals were forced by Justin to make it 7-5. Defensive tactics now came to the fore and goals were exchanged but time ran out before Team Joe could get one last goal to tie it up. Final result Team Juniors 8 – Team Joe 7. One of the best, most enjoyable games so far this year – except for Justin who suffered his first loss of the season – though he had the chance to do it all and get the tieing goal himself …. pretty sure none of the defenders were going to stand up to a lumbering goalie charging full(!?) speed into the slot to take a hard shot on net (well, over the net actually, but it did make a loud noise on the back glass!). Sitting at 13-1-2 – he will be hard pressed to get a multi year contract extension with numbers like that.

Second game saw the return of the prodigal goalie – Gord Carr returns from an extended retirement/contract dispute. Unfortunately Gord’s return was not triumphant – Team Russ (with Russ in particular) showed their ingrained dislike of goaltenders in general by putting one goal after another behind Gord. Team Blair, even with a high strength lineup wasn’t able to keep pace against a persistent defense and a pissed off goaltender determined not to extend his losing streak to the second game. Final score Team Russ 12 – Team Blair 7.

Next is week #12 – July 16, 2014

Team Blair  vs.  Team Joe     8:00pm

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     9:15pm


WEEK #11 GAMES JULY 9, 2014

Tonight’s games July 9, 2014

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Joe     8:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     9:15pm


The NLL scouts bailed last week, and the MSL and Senior B teams have indicated they are totally onboard with the concept of ignoring us completely, so another night of low pressure fun should be in order.