Looks like the LMHLL hostage situation is finally resolved, Gord has rescued his toxic bio-hazard equipment and is ready to play again – Soooo….into the deep end for 2 games tonight! Not sure if ransom demands have been received for JKOW’s equipment or if it is lost forever but we’ll see if emergency replacements have been found yet….

In any case, tonight is Week #12 Wednesday July 20, 2016 Kinsmen Arena

Team Jacquie (Gord)  vs.  Team Lia (G2)  8:00pm – 9:00pm

Team Blair (Gord) vs.  Team Dirka (Shawn)    9:00pm  – 10:00pm

See you then.



Mid summer and only the 2nd real tournament of the season – Werewolves were on the road Friday night on the way to Fergus. After doing reasonably well (2 ties and 2 points in Midland) the Wolves were snarly after learning that their few hard earned points had been taken away due to forfeits for not having enough players – I guess we don’t get any bonus points for successfully grovelling and begging for additional live bodies…sigh. This weekend’s chances were more promising – a reasonable number of players and the addition of IanG and JeffW to bolster our …anemic… offense.

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