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rev 1.7 (20220212)

LondonMastersLacrosse (LML) is an informal group of players trying to provide a place where they can continue to play Masters Lacrosse in a fun environment in the London area.

LML is run by an ever changing core of (old) LAX addicts. Currently the LML council is:

Rob Ashmore (new chief bringer of balls, gamesheets and water bottle filler)
Russ Allan (past chief bringer of balls, gamesheets and water bottle filler)
Gene Loubert (facilities)
Tom Corbett (legal wizard)
Jason Jankowski (opinions on everything lacrosse)
Guntis Glinavs (web services)

LML Summer House League and LML Senior Masters Tournament Teams (Box and Field) are organized and provided on a fee for service basis. For the fees requested we agree to (attempt to) provide an enjoyable, sustainable summer lacrosse program including the provision of floor time, referees, minor officials, suitable uniforms, misc supplies, liability insurance, league/team administration and governance. We think that the fees collected are fair and that we provide a service that is a good value for the cost involved. If you don’t think the price is fair or the services appropriate you are more than welcome to go elsewhere or…pull up a chair and help out – there is usually a reason we do the things we do and nothing much is new or hasn’t been brought up or addressed in the past…but we are more than willing to listen to your suggestions or input over an appropriate beverage.

Ontario travel/tournament box lacrosse is run under the auspices of MastersLacrosseAssociationof Ontario (MLAO) ( www.masterslacrosseassociationofontario.ca) – currently a group of 12 senior (35+) and 12 junior (21+) Masters teams. There are 6 tournaments involving 4 games over a weekend – in 2022 – Niagara (late April), Fergus (late May), Midland (late Jun), Owen Sound (late July), Kitchener (mid Aug), Owen Sound (mid July), Niagara (mid August) and the Provincial Finals in Oakville (early September).  No geographic roster restrictions – anyone can play for any particular team that wants them to play. Playing rules are more or less the same as LMLHL with some minor variations. Level of play (Sr. division) is pretty close to our HL calibre due to the number of younger HL players which brings our average age down and average floor speed up. Level of play in the Jr. division is (for most teams) quite a bit faster than LMLHL play, again due to the average age and experience mix.

London Senior Masters Box Tournament Team (London Werewolves) are always looking for additional bodies to play lacrosse and maintain our average beer and pizza consumption quotas. Any lacrosse players born 1988 and earlier (as of 2022) interested in playing travel/tournament lacrosse are more than welcome to contact us to discuss opportunities – full season, single tournament, even (possibly) single games can be arranged. The lacrosse is usually a lot of fun, beer is cold and it is an excuse to put off household/weekend ToDo stuff for a couple of days while reliving memories/dreams/nightmares of previous lax glory.

There was a London Junior Masters Box Tournament Team (Forest City Danglers) not directly affiliated with our group, which, as of Spring 2015, has folded.  For Junior Masters players interested in playing in the OML, contact us anyway, we can provide contacts for JuniorMasters’ teams looking for players or provide assistance.

London Senior Masters Field Tournament Team (London Werewolves) is a semi serious group of old guys (mostly +50) that have played in some Masters Field tournaments in the U.S. We have traveled twice to Fort Lauderdale (Jan) and once to Lake Placid (Aug) for tournaments. The experience was……interesting, partly due to general inexperience with (playing) field lacrosse and mostly due to insufficient roster numbers. Full contact lacrosse for 50+ year old players is …different but seeing a 70+ yr old runner still playing in the 65+ age group  is encouraging. ..and Fort Lauderdale and Lake Placid were a LOT of fun once the lacrosse was factored out. As of mid 2015, our group of interested field players is not quite numerous enough to be viable but, if you are interested in adding your name to our list of possible players, given sufficient numbers, we may decide to resurrect the team before we all move to Assisted Care facilities. As well, a few players do travel to various US Masters tournaments to play for other teams so we might be able to provide some contacts for places to play.

As of summer 2019 there is an OLA Senior C team trying to get started in the SW Ontario area. For players older than 22, full contact(!), 3 weekend tournaments plus provincials… for now you can contact Mike Parkhouse (casapark1@gmail.com)

At any time should you decide that you are not getting sufficient value for the fees paid or you are concerned with the direction of the league/teams, please contact LML and we will review your concerns and offer a fair and appropriate resolution (the definition of fair and appropriate is at the sole discretion of the LML council). All playing and league related disciplinary issues are at the sole discretion of the LML council.

LML will follow the health guidelines of the Middlesex-London Health Unit. The City of London facilities may or may not require proof of vaccination in order enter and/or play in their facilities, and the use of face masks inside the facilities.

Contact Us with any questions.

See you on the floor in the Spring / Summer 2022.


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