Masters Lacrosse – Week 9 / FINAL GAME & SOCIAL

Good day all;

  • We play our FINAL GAME on Wednesday, June 29th at Nichols Arena, Pad C, 8:00-9:00pm.
  • Please arrive early to dress, game will begin at 8:05pm sharp.
  • The teams are shown on the website, see link;
  • The Goalie match up will be Zach (Team 1 / Maroon) vs. Shawn (Team 2 / White).

** There has been a change of location for the social. We will get together after the game at MUSTANG SALLY’S on Wharncliffe to wrap up the season. Food will be provided. Hope everyone can make it out. **

See you on Wednesday night.


As mentioned at the pick up games and after the entire registration process, we now have 31 officially registered and paid players. This is a difficult number to create 3 full teams because of common absences. No one enjoys showing up to play lacrosse with 7 or 8 players total. We did it today for the tournament travel team and our bodies won’t forgive us until next weekend, possibly longer. Even more so when players would need to run for 2 games / 2 hours under a 3 team setup.
With that said, we will have to go with a TWO TEAM format.
  • We play our 1st game this Wednesday, May 4th at Nichols Arena, Pad C, 8:00-9:00pm.
  • ALL registered and paid players should arrive around 7:30pm or earlier this Wednesday.
  • Click this link to confirm your team.
  • The season will still end on Wednesday, June 29th.
  • Once the savings are calculated with the city this week, we will be issuing a partial refund or credit to each paid player.
We will accommodate friend requests to start the first couple weeks but changes could be made to ensure evenly matched teams with fun back and forth lacrosse for all. Anybody could be traded at any given time for balance.
We are hoping the jerseys ordered for the season will arrive before this Wednesday. Just in case, please put both a ‘dark shirt’ and ‘light shirt’ in your equipment bag this week. We will hand out the jerseys based on best available sizing for each player.
We will have a referee and timekeeper this week and scores will be added to the website weekly.
As life returns to normal in the coming years, it is our goal to build the House League back up to 4 or more teams. I truly wish more people would have signed up this year but I also understand the many issues people are faced with at this time.
See you on Wednesday night.
For any questions, please contact me anytime.
Rob Ashmore  
London Masters Lacrosse


 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm.
You will need;
  • Helmet with metal front cage and chin cup strap, gloves, lacrosse stick, running shoes. Wear any shorts.
  • Goalies, you know what to bring!
  • Shower Sandles and a Towel also come in handy.
  • Please bring both a ‘ANY DARK SHIRT’ and ‘LIGHT SHIRT WHITE / GRAY’ in your equipment bag. 
We will have a table setup near the door of PAD C to collect the remaining registration fees and help answer questions.
After that, find a change room, put on your stuff, and hit the floor for a fun warm up game of pickup lacrosse. Take it easy, I’m sure a good few of us will be coming out a little rusty and ragged. Avoid those pesky injuries.
We have opened up the registration page for ‘6’ more last minute interested players, these spaces are disappearing quickly.
All details are available on the Registration Page.
For any questions, please contact us.
Thank you