ROSTERS 2019 v0.2 20190515

2019 TEAM ROSTERS Rev 0.2

NOTE: These teams are subject to change at any time to promote parity and fun for all. Depending on how many of the Unregistered/Unknown players decide to come back, adjustments may be made to promote parity.

Lia Turner Sharley Trudeau Jacquie Berry Dirka Prout
Matt Austin Casey Anderson Rob Ashmore Brandon Barber
Dave Cattyrse Dave Bumstead Chris Bricknell Jared Brown
Ryan Clements Adam Ferguson Adam Corbett Justin Deluce
Barry Cousins Ian Gordon Tom Corbett John Dutton
Heather Daemeron Ross Kechego Nate Harrington Jody Holbrough
Dylan English Sam Kechego Shawn Harrington Jason Jankowski
Alex Foster Kevin Lorimer Paul Levac Colin Loubert
Kevin Loft Paolo Testa Michael Parkhouse Matt McKeough
Mike McKegney Blair Wetzel Geoff Syms Frank Sargent
Fergus McIlraith Daryl Van Slyke Tyler Turner Karl Toulouse
Mike Scratch Jeff Williamson Fred Williams Cienna Welch
Alex Treszl Brent Yost

Rev 0.0    Initial Rosters     20190507
Rev 0.1    Added DarylVS, DaveB, moved Kegger
Rev 0.2    Removed DougB no longer playing

Gord Carr
Carson Ennis
Guntis Glinavs
Justin Phelps