ROSTERS 2018 Rev 0.5

2018 TEAM ROSTERS Rev 0.5

NOTE: These teams are subject to change at any time to promote parity and fun for all. Nothing, neither names, “captains” nor players has been fully decided yet. Depending on how many of the Unregistered/Unknown players decide to come back, adjustments may be made to promote parity. Team names have been penciled in based on the best looking spokesperson for that team – suggest changes if desired.

Lia Turner Sharley Trudeau Jacquie Berry Dirka Prout
Matt Austin David Bumstead Rob Ashmore Russ Allan
Stephen Carswell Billy Byers Chris Bricknell Jared Brown
Ryan Clements Chris Dashford Tom Corbett Glenn Ducharme
Mike Cornelius Adam Ferguson Dustin Deleary Luke Forget
Barry Cousins Ian Gordon Nate Harrington Ian Fraser
Dalton Duivenvoorden John Hunt Shawn Harrington Erik Glinavs (part time)
Dylan English Andrew Jenkins Paul Levac Jody Holbrough
Alex Foster Kevin Lorimer Jeff Salmon Jason Jankowski
Joel Knapp Matt McKeough James Smith Garrett Loubert
Kevin Loft Devon Reed Tyler Turner Gene Loubert
Fergus McIlraith Nelson Santos (part time) Eric Williams Frank Sargent
Darryl Van Slyke  Fred Williams Karl Toulouse
Blair Wetzel Matt Vlemmix

Rev 0.0     Initial Rosters     20180430
Rev 0.1     Minor Adjustments  20180430
Rev 0.2    Added GarrettL  20180501
Rev 0.3    More Minor Adjustments  20180501
Rev 0.4    More Minor Adjustments, Added New Goalie CarsonE  20180517
Rev 0.5    Team Blair ownership change, added SharleyT and ChrisD to Team Sharley  20180523

Gord Carr
Carson Ennis
Guntis Glinavs
Justin Phelps