2016 TEAM ROSTERS rev 0.5

NOTE: These teams are subject to change at any time to promote parity and fun for all. Nothing, neither names, “captains” nor players has been fully decided yet. Depending on how many of the Unregistered/Unknown players decide to come back, adjustments may be made to promote parity. Team names have been penciled in based on the best looking spokesperson for that team – suggest changes if desired.

Bill Merkley Blair Wetzel Rob Ashmore Russ Allan
 Matt Austin Dave Bumstead  Chris Bricknell  Gene Loubert
 Mark Cameron  Matt Hebel  Hayden Burt  Jason Jankowski
 Mike Cornelius  Ian Gordon  Jacquie Berry  Ian Fraser
 Dylan English Rich McEvoy  Shawn Harrington  Matt Telford
 Eric Lapoivre  Mike Wilkins  Nat Harrington  Ed Wrightman
 Brad Schell  Billy Byers  Tom Corbett  Bryan Learn
 Kevin Loft  Sean McRae  Adam Corbett  Matt Vlemmix
 Lia Turner  Aaryn Biro  James Smith  Jared Brown
Jon Low  Nelson Santos  Rob Mosely  Mike Frith
Brendon Merritt  Jason Hicks  Fred Williams  Frank Sargent
 Alex Foster Brian Laporte  Paul Levac  Devon Reed
 Ryan Clements Matt McKeough  Ken Hastie  Mark Reed
Daryl VanSlyke John Doxtator  Dirka Prout
Billy McKale Sean Elmer  Robbie Platt
Darien Griffin Erik Glinavs
 Still Unregistered or Unknown
 Marcus Van Aarsen  Gary Carroll Nick Hawkins
Andrew Innes  Kevin Pressey  Jamie Wolfe
 Mike Quaid  Kyle Fairweather
 Alan James Brandon Piper
Brent Yost

Rev 0.0     Initial Rosters     20160502
Rev 0.1      Minor Changes   20160502
Rev 0.2     Minor Changes    20160503
Rev 0.3     Minor Changes    20160509
Rev 0.4     Move McKale, add Griffin to Team Blair     20160512
Rev 0.5     Move John Doxtator, add Sean Elmer to Team Jacquie  20160526


Gord Carr
Guntis Glinavs
Trevor Morrell
Justin Phelps
Shawn Snow