Next Get together to discuss summer league

I am looking to get this back in your sights!

We had a few people out for the first night, but certainly looking for more participation this time around!

Wed night @7pm at the Alibi – come on out and get signed up for the summer league

check the Facebook page, and web site for info as I get things going for this year….

April is around the corner – lets’ get the word out

2023 London Masters Lacrosse!

Frank Sargent here…

We are once again looking to start at the end of April, and depending on the numbers, get back to our traditional run of Wednesday nights to the end of August.

The city has put us at Kinsmen this year – Wednesday from 8pm-10pm on Pad A

This year will stay at the $200

I remember playing at Medway in the 90s – and certainly want to keep the run alive here

I have talked to the fine folks at the Alibi and have set aside some space for us to register and talk of all things lacrosse.

  • Feb 15th @7pm-10pm
  • March 8th @7pm-10pm

You are seeing this post from me  – as I have stepped up to help run things this year.

I want to thank Rob Ashmore for the tremendous effort put into the house league and travel teams.

Also want to thank Russ and Guntis for all their hard work over the years of making this happen for us.

For the travel team – we are considering pausing the team’s participation in the league this year unless we can get solid commitment from enough people that we are not having to play with 1 on the bench at the tournaments.

And another call out to Russ on his award this past year, from the Ontario Masters league for all his hard work with the travel league for the past many years.

I will be updating the web site with more information in the coming couple of days but wanted to get information out so that people can begin to plan

Please do reach out to myself via for any questions and look forward to seeing you on the floor in a few weeks!