The 1st game started fairly slowly – both goalies stopping the first few chances and the play going back and forth with few results – 1st period ended with Team Russ leading Team Blair 2-1. By the end of the 2nd period Team Russ had extended their by one and it looked like Team Blair would be unable to recover. Then, suddenly in the 3rd, Team Blair seemed to wake up and scored 3 quick goals to take the lead heading in to the late minutes of the game. But, as was the case a couple of weeks ago, they were unable to hold the lead and Team Russ scored a late goal  to even it up. Team Blair pressed near the end but was unable to get any further goals and then time ran out with the score deadlocked, Team Blair 7 – Team Russ 7.

The 2nd game was tight as well – 1st period ended tied at 2 and the 2nd period was deadlocked at 4. In the 3rd Team Bill pulled ahead and the odds-makers were wondering whether G2’s streak of goal-tending victories would stop at 6 (1 in a 1000 yr probability) or unbelievably be extended to 7 (1 in 3000 yr probability) – as noted in various financial advertising, past results do not necessarily guarantee or even predict future performance – the streak ended with  Team Juniors pressuring and scoring a couple of late goals to run out the game for a well deserved victory – final score Team Juniors 7 – Team Bill 6.

Next week is the end of the 2nd go round – Week #6, June 3, 2015 Kinsmen Arena

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     8:00pm – 9:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Bill     9:00pm – 10:00pm

Games seem to be pretty close and turnout seems acceptable so, barring any sudden flurry of blowout games no significant re-balancing is being contemplated. See you all next week.



The face off for the early game seemed to be deja vu all over again except that this time Team Russ had a full bench and Team Bill had only 1 spare to start the game. It wasn’t looking good for Team Bill… Scoring was slow to start and the first period ended with Team Bill up 3-2. In the 2nd Team Bill added a couple of latecomers to their bench and extended their lead to 6-3 and there was some foreshadowing that maybe a short bench was not much a detriment after all. In the 3rd Team Russ was able to score a few more goals and make it close but was unable to erase Team Bill’s early lead – final score Team Bill 8 – Team Russ 6. Good competitive game – titanic face off battles and some pretty goals from both teams.

In the 2nd game the question on everyone’s mind was whether Team Blair could rebound from their monumental collapse last week. Team Blair jumped to an early lead and coasted to a 4-2 score at the end of 1. In the second the lead seesawed with Team Juniors pulling ahead and then falling back with the 2nd period ending with Team Blair up 8-7. A few more goals were added in the 3rd with Team Blair going into a defensive, time management shell with 5 minutes to go to preserve their lead – final score Team Blair 11 – Team Juniors 9. Another good game, close score, lots of fast breaks – great entertainment for the fans.

Next week is Week #5 May 27, 2015 Kinsmen

Team Blair  vs.  Team Russ     8:00pm-9:00pm

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Bill     9:00pm – 10:00pm

See you then.