Week #1 is in the record books after a couple of close games on Wednesday.

After the obligatory rehashing of last year’s Championship victory (only in the Team Princess (Lia) dressing room) the London Masters HL Lacrosse Summer 2017 season was underway. A typical hard fought face off and the game was a foot. Whether due to winter rust, goalies already at the top of their games or early stellar defense, goals were hard to come by early in the game. Lots of ball movement, lots of running, lots of shots, just not lots (or any) goals. Despite a couple of dangerous shot penalties, the score remained 0-0 until Team Dirka was finally able to open the season’s scoring. A couple more quick ones before Team Lia could respond and the teams ended the 1st period with Team Dirka ahead 3-1. This was enough of a lead as the teams exchanged goals for the rest of the game adding 2 each in the 2nd and 2 more in the 3rd. Whenever Team Lia threatened to close the gap Team Dirka’s shooters were able to respond in kind. Final score for Game #1EARLY – Team Dirka 7 – Team Lia 5.

In the 2nd game Team Blair quickly jumped in to the lead with an IanG goal early in the 1st minute. So much for THIS goalie being on his game! Four more goals spread out through the period and  Team Blair easily ended 1st period up 5-0. Fourth consecutive period that Team Jacquie’s snipers were unable to score a goal – sadness…! In the 2nd, Team Jacquie finally started to get some traction. Outscoring Team Blair 4 – 1 they were able to pull withing 2, exiting the 2nd with Team Blair now only leading by 2, 6-4. But, the storybook comeback was not to be – IanG scored early to put a stake into Team Jacquie’s hopes of a comeback. One final Team Blair goal coupled with another Team Jacquie goose egg on the score sheet and Game #1LATE was in the record books – Team Blair posting an 8-4 victory.

Pretty good turnouts for all 4 teams – I seem to remember seeing 7,6,5,& 4 spares on the benches. Lots of spares means there should be lots of running – up, back, off, if you run hard enough that should be sufficient – I did see a few long (actually VERRRY long) shifts – don’t be that guy (or that girl) to stay out too long – just sayin! Lots of high level ball movement and lots of speed evident on the floor – looks like the start of another good summer season.

Next week is Week #2, Wednesday May 10, 2017 Kinsmen Arena

TEAM BLAIR  vs. TEAM DIRKA     8:00pm – 9:00pm

TEAM JACQUIE  vs.  TEAM LIA     9:00pm – 10:00pm

See you all on the floor.