Week #4 is done and in the record books. Interesting games and one observation is becoming pretty obvious…

… ALL of the teams have potentially explosive offensive capabilities – but it really matters who shows up for your team and the goalie rotation!

In the first game both teams had trouble scoring early – lots of posts and lots of stops, but no goals till late in the period when a quick exchange of goals allowed the period to end with the teams tied – Team Dirka 1 – Team Lia 1.In the 2nd Team Dirka started to pour it on scoring 3 while only allowing Team Lia to respond with 1, 2nd period ending with Team Dirka up 4 – 2. In the 3rd it was all Team Dirka scoring 5 and only allowing 1 to cruise to an easy 9-3 victory. Some nice ball movement for both teams and the game was closer than the final score indicates.

In the late game the question was “Who will maintain their winning streak tonight? Team Blair with 3 wins in 2017 or JustinP who hasn’t lost since June 15, 2016 – a 12 (more or less) game winning streak! The 1st period wasn’t even close, Team Jacquie’s snipers scored early and often while Team Blair, without their key snipers, was unable to solve Justin’s goaltending for more than a single goal. 1st period ended with Team Jacquie leading 5 -1. The 2nd period was more of the same, with Team Jacquie scoring 3 times including some pretty goals from the PickleYost combo while Team Blair was only able to respond with 1. 2nd period ending with Team Jacquie leading 8 -2. In the 3rd Team Blair showed some life with BigAdam finally rattling Justin for a couple of goals early. A couple more goals and there was some rumbling of a monumental comeback but it was all too little, too late with Team Jacquie scoring an comeback killer goal to increase the gap to 3 and run out the clock on a fairly easy 9-6 victory.

All of the teams had reasonable bench numbers – just a reminder – if there are a lot of subs on the bench there is no excuse no to run hard and switch early and often – lets keep everyone running hard and in the game. Team Jacquie starting to score again and the standings tighten up. JustinP increase his winning streak to 13 – which team will be the one to get break THAT streak? Minor roster change – DarienG moved to Team Dirka before playing a single game for Team Lia – salary caps are a terrible thing for keeping dynasties intact!

Next is Week #5 Wednesday May 31, 2017 Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair  vs.  Team Dirka     8:00pm – 9:00pm.

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Lia     9:00pm  – 10:00pm

See you on the floor.