One blowout game and another that was more one sided than the 3 goal differential showed….still, 2 fast games on Wednesday evening at Kinsmen.

Early game – only 1 ref, and it was _RON_ – could he keep up with the fast pace of 2017 LMHLL? ..silly question….of course  😆 not! The early game started badly for Team Dirka – with BrentY feeding CorbettJr with a couple of laser cross crease passes that just needed redirecting for goals….sigh…. 3 more goals before Team Dirka was able to respond with 3 of their own and the 1st period expired with Team Jacquie up 5-3. In the 2nd, it was all Team Jacquie again, scoring 6 while only allowing 2 – 2nd period ending with Team Jacquie up 11-5. In the 3rd period Team Dirka pushed hard and scored a couple but Team Jacquie was able to easily reply and the game ended with the same 6 goal margin – Team Jacquie 13 – Team Dirka 7.

On to the late game – the JKOW was recruited to fill the empty 2nd refs spot – BONUS – now Jason would be able to call the game the way he keeps telling (and telling) the rest of the refs to do …this will surely end well! Justin was in the nets for Team Lia trying for his 18th game without a loss. Team Blair quickly put him on notice that they were not going to make it easy, scoring 3 in the 1st period to rattle him early. Team Lia was only able to score once and the 1st period ended with Team Blair up 3-1. The 2nd period was all Team Lia, scoring 4 and with Justin only allowing 1 in reply, the clock ran out on the 2nd with Team Lia up 5-4. In the 3rd Team Blair pushed hard on offense scoring twice but struggled with penalties and turnovers allowing a further 4 goals and Team Lia coasted to a relatively easy 9-6 victory. After the game it was nice to hear the refs complimented – Team Blair praising the NLL caliber officiating and suggesting that the game write-up record their approval (or was it a comment on the officials thinking they were (should be?) in the NLL? …at least I think it was a compliment …maybe I didn’t understand the subtext… Whatever).

At the end of 6 rounds, Justin is on a 18 game unbeaten streak – Which (if any) team will break his streak this year? Team Jacquie is currently on a 4 game win streak and moves in to 1st place, Team Blair, after a strong start, is now winless in 3 and drops to 2nd with Team Dirka and Team Lia nipping at their heels. All games are very fast and competitive and it looks like we are consistently getting pretty good turnout for all teams. We will have to see if the good turnout continues for a couple more weeks before addressing any game duration changes.

On to the 3rd round of games – next week is Week #7 Wednesday June 14, 2017 Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair (G2)  vs.  Team Jacquie (Gord)     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.


Team Dirka (Justin)  vs.  Team Lia (G2)     9:00pm  – 10:00.

See you next week.