Week #7 games, lots of effort for no enduring result, 2 ties and Justin’s unbeaten streak keeps rolling along….

In the early game Team Blair opened the scoring but Team Jacquie was able to keep things close and the period ended with Team Blair up by 1, leading 3-2. In the 2nd, Team Jacquie was able to tie it up with a pretty quick-stick goal from BrentY that was in the net before the goalie even saw the ball cross the crease…sigh…. Scoring was back and forth and the teams exited the 2nd period tied at 6. In the 3rd Team Blair scored 3 times to pull ahead but each time Team Jacquie was able to counter and keep things equal. The only question was whether one team would be able to pull ahead late enough in the game to allow time to run out – Team Jacquie scored late and a couple of shots off the posts at both ends prevented any additional goals and the teams ran out the clock on a 9-9 tie – no change in standings – only the goalie’s GAA keeps creeping upward, week by week ūüė•

In the 2nd Team Lia exploded from the starting blocks early getting to Justin for the 1st goal and keeping up the pressure to add 2 more before the end of the period. Team Dirka responded with 2 goals of their own but there was excitement in the air – would this be the night that Justin’s 18 game unbeaten streak would come to an end? In the 2nd period the teams alternated scoring, adding 2 each and the period ended with Team Lia still up by 1, leading 5-4. In the 3rd, Team Lia was able to increase their lead to 2 goals but Team Dirka kept pushing back scoring to get within 1 and then tieing it up with a just over a minute left. More chances in the last minute were foiled by goal posts friendly to Team Lia and time ran out on an 8-8 tie, no change in standings and Justin’s streak continues! 19 games without a loss! How long can he keep it going and which team will finally break the run?

Reasonable turnout and fast games …again.

Next is the halfway point of the regular season – Week #8 Wednesday June 21, 2017 Kinsmen Arena

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  Р9:00pm.

Team Blair  vs.  Team Dirka     9:00pm  Р10:00pm.

See you all next week.