Pretty good turnout for the first floor time of 2018 – looked like almost 14-15 per side for a short time before exhaustion and questionable conditioning dropped numbers down to 7-8 per side for the 2nd half of the evening. Some new faces …so…generally a good evening of lacrosse.

On to week #2.

Wednesday April 25, 2018  8:00pm – 10:00pm
Kinsmen Arena
20 Granville St
London  ON N6H 2B1
We have the floor 8:00-10:00. 2nd week is again pickup only – no refs so you can run as long as you want (or are able). No point in trying to predict turnout – come for 8:00ish and figure out how to get enough running time in to meet your lax needs for this week.
For those who haven’t figured out that they really do need to sign up to play, try to register and send payment before showing up tomorrow -there  probably won’t be a tablet or laptop available so you will have to figure out how to use your phone to register. For those who have registered but not paid yet (you know who you are!) – see the instructions on how to use eTfr to forward the money!  🙂
Pre-register at the OML website
Login with
username: xxx
password: xxxxxxxx (email me if you aren’t already on the email list and I will forward login details)
You have to click on the [Check In] button
Then click on the [OK] button
Click on the (Online Registration and Insurance Waiver) Tab
Click on Online Registration – click here to begin
Fill out all of the information including Postal Code
Team is London Masters House League
Make sure the check box at the bottom of the page agreeing to the waiver is checked
Click on the [SUBMIT] button.
Send $175 eTfr to and you are good to go for 2018.