Lacrosse – a game of momentum…. evident at Kinsmen last night!

In the 1st game Team Jacquie, slowly and confidently, kept adding goals, and pulled out to a 4 goal lead by the middle of the 2nd period and then put it into cruise control. Team Dirka scored once to break Justin’s shutout at the end of the 2nd and then added singles one after another in the 3rd to eventually tie it up. Some tight defensive play at both ends preserved the tie and the game ended Team Dirka 4 – Team Jacquie 4.

In the 2nd game, a new goaltender was being auditioned (tested?) and Team Blair did their best to scare him away by providing little or no defense for the 1st half of the game . Team Lia scored often to open up an 8-1 lead before Team Blair decided to get back in the game. Lots of goals, more from Team Blair than Team Lia closed the score to 11-9 in the latter part of the 3rd but another comeback was not in the cards. A flurry of 3 late period goals destroyed any chance of a spectacular comeback and the game ended with Team Lia on the positive side of a 14-9 score.

On the business side of the league, rumours were flying about possible ownership changes – indications that the Team Blair franchise has been revoked and a new ownership group (person?) is looking to take over operations of LMHLL 2017 Champions. Reporters indicate that IanG was seen in negotiations with the possible new owner…more information as it becomes available.

Next is Week #4, Wednesday May 23, 2018 Kinsmen Arena

Team Dirka  vs  Team Lia     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Blair*  vs.  Team Jacquie     9:00pm  –  10:00pm.

See you there.