It is going to be hard to keep up this pace. Both games last night seemed quicker and better than the week before. How long can we keep raising the quality level? In the early game the lead changed hands a number of times before finally ending in a tie – Team Juniors 7 – Team Joe 7. Both teams were missing their newly acquired (star/free agent/ringer) players – they could make the difference next week….or not! In the late game both benches were packed and the pace was extremely fast.¬† The addition of a few young recruits to TEAM RUSS were not enough to overcome the debut of the wily veteran/ringer Ian Gordon – end result Team Blair 6 – Team Russ 4. Surprisingly low scoring game based on the back and forth observed – must be the high quality goaltending involved. ūüôā Standings and goalie results are now posted and will (hopefully) be kept up to date.

With the size of the rosters (16-18) per team and the excellent turnout (so far), it was decided to add 1/2 hr to our floor time so everyone can get a bit more floor time each week. The plan is to have a good 10 min warmup and then 3 full 20 minute periods. First game will still start at 8:00 but the second game will now start at 9:15 and go to 10:30.

So far we have 68 runners of which 8-10 are probably¬† part time or unreliable. Numbers are on the high side for 4 teams, borderline for 5 teams and probably marginally low for 6 teams. Floor time is available till 11:00 if requested and referees are also likely available. Goalies on the other hand are limited (so far) to 3. It has been suggested to go to 5 teams¬† with one team playing a double header each week (3 games every Wednesday) or alternately having 1 team not play 1 week in 5 (2 games per night as currently set up). Goaltending for 3 games is….difficult and having 1 team get a bye every week is thought to be undesirable BUT having really full benches is also not the best. Comments, suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Note that there has been another slight schedule change – June 25 games were flipped to accommodate a couple of minor coaches.

WEEK #3 (Wednesday May 14) schedule

Team Juniors vs Team Russ     8:00pm

Team Blair vs Team Joe              9:15pm

See you then.