A hot night on the Kinsmen floor last night – sweltering temperatures, hot scoring, hot goal tending (well the posts and crossbars were hot from all the shots they deflected) and the standings tightened yet again…

In the early game, things started slow with Team Sharley clawing to an early 2 goal lead but Team Lia fought back with team owner/captain/head cheerleader LiaT powering a centering pass into the net to lift her team to a 3-2 lead that they never relinquished. Team Lia led by 2 at the end of 1, by 3 after 2 periods and coasted to an easy win through the 3rd . Final score – Team Lia 10 – Team Sharley 5. First loss of the year for Team Sharley and a welcome return to Team Lia for DylanE, coming back off a 2 week stint on the (vacation) reserve list.

In the late game Team Dirka scored early and often pulling out to a 3 goal lead at the end of the 1st period. The teams exchanged 3 goals in the 2nd before Team Dirka pulled away with a couple of unanswered goals in the 3rd. Final score Team Dirka 11 – Team Jacquie 6. Team Jacquie’s big shooters kept hitting post after crossbar after post but couldn’t reliably hit the netting behind CarsonE to close the scoring gap. With the win, Team Dirka pulls back to within 2 points of league leading Team Sharley – the holy grail of parity – everybody at .500 (+/- 1/2 game!).

Next is Week #11 Wednesday July 11, 2018 Kinsmen Arena

Team Dirka  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Sharley  vs.  Team Jacquie     9:00pm  –  10:00pm.

Keep cool and we’ll see you on the floor again next week.