First games using the new extended format – hard to believe that 15min extra requires that much more work. Sounds like most of the runners were happy with the extra floor time and a slightly longer game seems to be better for goalies as well. Double, back to back games for (older) goalies might be a bit…strenuous.

First game was back and forth with Team Russ heading into the final minutes with a 1 goal lead. A last minute penalty didn’t bode well but a stingy defense was able to turn the ball over a number of times (and then give it right back to the other team – remember the concept of ball control and time management – no, I guess you don’t). Anyway Team Juniors were unable to score, much less get any shots in the final seconds with the end result Team Russ 10 – Team Juniors 9.

Second game was less competitive, Team Blair kept pressing the attack and Team Joe wasn’t able to get Justin rattled enough to score consistently early in the game. Team Joe started to wake up and make the game interesting but would have needed another period or two to catch up. End Result Team Blair 14 – Team Joe 8.

Anyway next is Week #4 May 21, 2014

Team Joe vs. Team Russ     8:00pm

Team Blair vs. Teams Juniors     9:15pm