Last night a couple of tests in the Summer 2018 Youth vs. Experience experiment …and Youth won both times…

In the early game Team Dirka quickly scored for an early lead but it was not to last. Team Lia’s youth was clearly evident in the loose ball pickups and the constant swarming around Team Dirka’s net. Team Lia pulled away and led 6-4 at the end of the 1st period. The teams exchanged a pair of goals in the 2nd and then Team Lia poured it on in the 3rd, outscoring Team Dirka 5-1 and coasting to an easy win – Final score Team Lia 13  –  Team Dirka 5.

In the late game Team Sharley was flirting with a default until the last second arrival of just enough players to field a team.The 1st period was tightly fought with Team Jacquie pulling to a brief early lead with a nice driving goal from PhelpstheElder on PhelpsJr. GOALLLLLLL! …and the players and fans went WILD! Sometimes age really does trump youth…. at least for a few minutes. Team Sharley fought back to tie and pull ahead by one at the end of the 1st. Both teams scored twice in the 2nd before Team Sharley scored 2 more tin the 3rd to seal the result. Team Jacquie was able to score a late 3rd period goal to make it look close but the end result was never in doubt. Final score Team Sharley 7  –  Team Jacquie 5.  Despite letting PhelpstheElder score early on, JustinP continued his dominant goaltending performance for 2018 extending his unbeaten streak to 10. After last nights’s surprising performance from PhelpstheElder, Team Dirka reviewed their salary cap limitations and, after some intense negotiations at the Alibi after the game, signed MattP for the rest of the season on a performance based contract.

With JustinP scheduled to be sitting on a beach in Jamaica on his honeymoon (Congratulations and Best Wishes from LMHLL on your upcoming marriage! 😀 ) there should be a few more goals evident in next week’s games. Next is Week #12 Wednesday July 18, 2018 Kinsmen Arena

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Sharley  vs.  Team Dirka     9:00pm  –  10:00pm.

See you all next week.