For the dog days of summer the heat wasn’t really that bad last night. The early game was pretty good but the late game devolved into some nastiness at the end and spoiled the evening. …sigh…

In the first game, the teams kept it close in the 1st, Team Lia eking out a 1 goal lead to exit the period leading 3-2. In the 2nd, Team Lia maintained their slight edge in play outscoring Team Jacquie 2-1 to finish the 2nd period leading 5-3. With Team Jacquie tiring in the 3rd, Team Lia’s youth allowed them to extend their lead coasting to an eventual 3 goal victory Team Lia 9 – Team Jacquie 6. With the victory Team Lia moved into a temporary 1 point lead over Team Sharley in  the overall league standings pending the result of the 2nd game.

In the late game Team Sharley scored early with the Kegger showing some fancy field stickwork and precision shooting (Where were these moves when you played for us in minor?) but Team Dirka was able to counter each goal and add 1 extra to exit the 1st period leading 4-3. In the 2nd Team Dirka pushed hard, scoring 4 and allowing only 2 but the tight defense started to cause some tempers to rise. A couple of Team Sharley penalties dialed up the emotions even more and things didn’t look like they would end well. In the 3rd, a couple of goals were exchanged and some very tight checking led to 1 early departure to the dressing room which was soon followed by another incident leading to more …unpleasantness. …and more departures. The teams decided to run out the clock on the last couple of minutes with Team Dirka ahead – final score Team Dirka 9  – Team Sharley 7. Referee reports will be reviewed and appropriate suspensions/penalties applied. …sigh… and things were going so well, so far.

Next is Week #13 Wednesday July 25, 2018 Kinsmen Arena

Team Sharley  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Dirka  vs.  Team Jacquie     9:00pm  –  10:00pm.

See you all next week.