After reviewing the refs’ report and recommendations, LMHLL has applied the following penalties as a result of last Wednesday’s unpleasantness: both players – AdamF and JodyH, will receive 4 game suspensions for their altercation. AdamF will receive an additional 2 games for being the aggressor. So, JodyH is out for 4 games and AdamF is out for 6 games.

Just a reminder that we are all playing for fun on Wednesday evenings – the scouts have long since left the building (if they were ever here for most of us). Most of us have to get up in the morning to go to work (or in some cases to have a coffee, read the paper and enjoy retirement). Shots in to heavy traffic, unrestrained follow throughs, aggressive offensive contact or intense defensive body or stick contact, running the goaltenders or smaller defenders and general physical intimidation tactics have no place in our HL lacrosse program. I think most of us can figure out the rules and limits in Wednesday night HL – please think about your reasons for playing and lets bear down and make the last 6 weeks of Summer2018 as much fun and smile inducing as it can be.

See most of you on Wednesday.




  1. Blair Wetzel says:

    How is Adam the aggressor when Jody purposely hit Adam in the head with an ‘unrestrained follow through’ that started the unpleasantness? As well, Jody told the entire floor he was going to do this before he did. If this was done outside an arena – its called assault with a weapon…….joke.

  2. admin says:

    You are entitled to your opinion and it has been noted. For others wishing to post their opinions or comments, replies will not be displayed without a recognized email or identity. Sorry.


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