A hot and sweaty night at Kinsmen for start of the last round robin of the summer season.

In the early game Team Sharley was struggling for bodies and was just able to avoid defaulting at the last second. Playing the full game with only 2 rent-a-players on the bench made for a tough struggle. Team Jacquie scored a couple of quick goals early and kept Team Sharley at bay leaving the 1st period leading 4-2. Team J was able to increase their lead in the 2nd scoring 2 to Team Sharley’s single single tally. In the 3rd Team Sharley pressed to try to get close scoring 2 to pull within a single goal but Team Jacquie’s defense was able to maintain ball control and run out the clock on a tight well played game. Final score Team Jacquie 6 – Team Sharley 5.

In the late game it was Team Dirka that was short players with only 1 spare on the bench before adding a single rent-a-player. Team Lia had the edge in chances and  scored 3 in the 1st and 3 more in the 2nd, allowing only single replies from Team Dirka in each period. In the 3rd both teams tired and defense lagged with Team Lia popping in 4 while Team Dirka was only able to score 3. Final score Team Lia 9 – Team Dirka 5.

Team Lia now moves in to 1st place with a slim lead over Team Sharley with Team Jacquie another point back. Team Dirka is 5 points back but still looking good for a playoff berth.

Nest is Week #15 Wednesday August 8, 218 Kinsmen Arena

Team Sharley  vs.  Team Dirka     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Lia     9:00pm  –  10:00pm.

See you all next week.