Winter LAX Wednesday March 20, 2019 800pm Silverwoods Arena

HL startup is getting close – time to get that stick …and muscles …and body moving again.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 20, 2019  8:00pm – 10:00pm.
50 Sycamore St.
London, ON N5Z 1K7
(2nd ST West of Highbury on Trafalgar
Just NW of Highbury Trafalgar intersection)

Show up at 8:00pm and bring any extra pinnies if you have them in case some non-summer players show up. Next floor time after Wednesday night is in 1 week – March 27 2019.

Only 4 people got around to registering for HL2019 last week (and no one sent any money!) – that would have been a pretty poor turnout for an in-bar registration (but the lack of real beer might be a factor!) – lets get going on this so we can get a feel for numbers going forward. Please go to the HL Registration Page and fill in the information requested. Upon submission you should get an email copy of the registration form sent to the email address you entered. The registration fee for Summer2019 is still $175 and will cover both summer and, if available, winter 2019/2020 floor time. Please send an etfr of $175 to payment at as soon as convenient. We may set up a face to face session at the Alibi in the next couple of weeks. If there are any issues with the registration process or you see any glaring errors please contact me at admin at

As per usual practice, I will be sending out an email duplicating this information today – if you don’t get it, please check your spam folder and whitelist the sender or contact me at admin at