First floor time of Summer2019 HL – new season, new location – time to get the stick worked in and the muscles unlocked. This year, for all but the last couple weeks of the season, we have been relocated to Nichols Arena.

Session #1 – Pickup Only

Wednesday April 17, 2019  8:00pm  –  10:00pm
Nichols Arena
799 Homeview Rd
London  ON N6C 5J4

To try to keep things organized the people that have already registered (all 33 so far) can show up to go on the floor at 8:00 and run as long as they want (or are able). Others, and you know who you are (!), please take the time to register at home, on the way or at the arena and plan to start subbing in around 9:00 or whenever the first group get tired (usually anytime after 8:45 is a good bet). Don’t forget to send ePayment to payment at londonmasterslacrosse.com. Should have 3 goalies available tonight so you may actually have to run instead of just playing half court!

Due to the slow registration so far, it looks like we will be doing pickup only for the first two (maybe even 3) weeks until we can get a good handle on who is actually going to be registering and playing this summer.

Hope to see most of you tonight.

P.S.     As usual, I am sending this same info to the email addresses that I have on record (last year’s participants and new registrations this year – if you don’t see the email, please check your spam folder and white list the sending address or contact me to see if we can fix the communication issues.