Werewolves headed down the road last weekend to Brantford for the 2nd tournament of the year. Marginal turnout – 8 runners for the Friday night game vs Brampton – a good game none the less for the number of runners on the bench – Brampton 9 – London 4. Saturday morning vs Windsor – 3 players back in London for minor HL wrapup, 3 new players – it was enough for the Werewolves 2nd win of the year over Windsor – London 6 – Windsor 2. 3 players back from London for the afternoon game against Huntsville – a weak start and Huntsville is ahead by 3 goals at the half way point but London wakes up and keeps pace for the 2nd half – final score Huntsville 7 – London 4. On to Sunday morning for another game against Beaches – …sigh… likely looking for revenge for their 1st ever loss to London in Fergus. London scores first , and then again AND AGAIN! With London leading 3-0 the clouds of the apocalypse start to gather. Beaches scores a couple to tie it at 3 at the end of the 2nd period and the fans start to worry. At the start of the 3rd London quickly scores 2 before Beaches can reply. London scores 3 more to open a 3 goal lead and Beaches can only reply with a couple near the end of the game. Werewolves have beaten Beaches for the 2nd time ever – in successive tournaments! There were a LOT of dark clouds gathering and flashes of lightning – is this really a sign of the end times approaching? In any case another .500 weekend for the Werewolves, fun lacrosse, good times and SUPER results! Owen Sound in mid July will be the proof of the prophecy!

Go Werewolves of London ….. AROOOOOOOOOO!