Lacrosse – definitely a game of momentum and streaks! First game started off very badly for Team Joe – 3 quick goals against in the early minutes  – another blowout…maybe? or not! As usual, having scored 3 quick goals, Team Juniors let off the gas a bit and Team Joe started picking away at their deficit. By the end of the 1st period they had tied it up at 3 and then pulled ahead by 2 for a 5-3 lead – 5 straight goals! That seemed to wake the Juniors up a bit so they went on a goal scoring streak themselves – 4 goals were forced by Justin to make it 7-5. Defensive tactics now came to the fore and goals were exchanged but time ran out before Team Joe could get one last goal to tie it up. Final result Team Juniors 8 – Team Joe 7. One of the best, most enjoyable games so far this year – except for Justin who suffered his first loss of the season – though he had the chance to do it all and get the tieing goal himself …. pretty sure none of the defenders were going to stand up to a lumbering goalie charging full(!?) speed into the slot to take a hard shot on net (well, over the net actually, but it did make a loud noise on the back glass!). Sitting at 13-1-2 – he will be hard pressed to get a multi year contract extension with numbers like that.

Second game saw the return of the prodigal goalie – Gord Carr returns from an extended retirement/contract dispute. Unfortunately Gord’s return was not triumphant – Team Russ (with Russ in particular) showed their ingrained dislike of goaltenders in general by putting one goal after another behind Gord. Team Blair, even with a high strength lineup wasn’t able to keep pace against a persistent defense and a pissed off goaltender determined not to extend his losing streak to the second game. Final score Team Russ 12 – Team Blair 7.

Next is week #12 – July 16, 2014

Team Blair  vs.  Team Joe     8:00pm

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     9:15pm