In the first game, it looked like both teams were revving up for the upcoming playoffs. Good turnout, quick passes, fast breaks, tight checking, lots of effort and running – pleasant game to watch. Team Russ scored a couple early but Team Juniors fought back to tie it midway through the 1st period. Team Russ was able to get another one late and the 1st period ended with Team Russ ahead 3-2. 2nd period was back and forth again with Team Juniors turning it on late in the period and taking advantage of a last minute goalie brain fart to end the period up by one – 7-6. Juniors pressed hard early in the 3rd and were up 10-8 but were unable to hold off the dreaded, vociferous JKOW. End result Team Juniors 10  – Team Russ 10.

Second game wasn’t as high intensity. Benches were shorter with Team Blair missing both their high scoring ringers, but Justin, nursing a sore knee in the Team Joe net, seemed to provide Team Blair a chance at an interesting battle. And so it appeared to start – 1st period was a close, low scoring affair – ending deadlocked at 2. Second and third periods were all Team Joe with Matt Austin leading the way and Justin flat out robbing Matt Vlemmix on numerous opportunities. So much for the sore knee when chirping rights are on the line! Final result Team Joe  10  – Team Blair 3.

Last week of the regular season should be interesting –  Team Russ vs Team Joe may vault one of the teams into a temporary tie for first depending on the results of the late game. Team Juniors can clinch the coveted regular season champion’s “Bucket of Greasy Used Balls Trophy/Cup/Bucket(?)” with a win or a tie. Team Blair with a victory might deny Team Juniors their quest for 1st and possibly avoid the “Roll of Crumpled Up Tape Award” by climbing out of last place . Come out, one and all, to see London Masters House League lacrosse put it all on the line to jockey for the all important playoff seedings.  For lack of anything better and to make stuff challenging for the MATH IS HARD crowd, ties to be broken using the infamous OLA formula (Head to Head record, then GF/(GF+GA) using scores between all teams, then lowest penalty minutes, then coin toss). I’ll leave it to the OCD types to run through the various permutation and combinations but suffice to say, only 1 possible result of 9  doesn’t end up with a Team Juniors vs Team Blair/ Team Joe vs. Team Russ first round matchup. Extra credit if you show your work in a neat and readable format!

Anyway, next week, August 13, 2014:

Team Joe  vs.  Team Russ     7:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Juniors     8:15pm


4 thoughts on “WEEK #15 RESULTS

  1. Juniors4theWin says:

    How come we have shot 9 or 10 times against the same goalie? I’d like to shoot on the better goalies once in awhile.

    • admin says:

      Ooooooo….harsh. It is _VERY_ hard to balance resource usage on 2 parameters when the resources are not universally available. Based on the typically loudest whining, it seemed that balancing the better goalie across all of the teams was the first priority. Pretty well have that in hand for the regular season (should end with 6,6,8,5 distribution – not perfect but close enough). Didn’t really think in terms of balancing the strength of who the teams were shooting against until 2/3 of the way through as there are seldom complaints about wanting to have fewer goals and a lower chance of winning. I have been trying to plan the schedule over the last few weeks to bring both the distributions back into line and, again, by the end, it should be at least workable (shooting against Justin – 7,4,6,8).

      • Matt says:

        I personally would like to see the goalies switch teams half way through each game. Being that the goalies are not tied to 1 particular team throughout the year anyway, this would provide even distribution throughout the course of the game at least.

        That being said, I am just happy to have a goalie to shoot on. Just my two cents…or 1 1/2 cents…whatever.

        • admin says:

          That is the plan for the playoffs – we decided it was too hard to start 2/3 of the way through the season without finishing the balancing at the original method. And, all things considered, regular season standings don’t really matter for much other than (very) fleeting bragging rights.

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