The arena was rocking for this game – fan support was tremendous-  there were a minimum of 4 youthful fans in attendance (playing noisily in the far corner, keenly watching their favourite player on the floor, hopefully seeing his 1st period highlight reel goal!), maybe even some adults in the luxury boxes though those may have been curious or bored players from the first game scoping out their possible opponents for next week.

Team Juniors were heavily favoured in this game, winners of the coveted Bucket of Greasy Balls for regular season dominance and a 4-1-1 2014 season record against Team Blair – should be closest thing to a sure bet. But, as noted previously, Team Juniors made the debatable choice to shoot easy first…. The decision appeared to immediately pay off as they scored a quick goal right off the face off. A few more goals before Team Blair was able to solve Justin and the game settled in to tight checking and back and forth play. Heading in to the half, the Juniors’ lead was only 6-3 – probably not enough. Could they keep Team Blair from getting more than 3 shots on net? Would they pay a heavy price as a result of Ashmore’s decision?

Second half was more of the same – back and forth with really tight defense. A couple of defensive breakdowns at both ends allowed a couple of goals but tight checking and a lock down coverage on both teams’ scorers was the order of the day. Both teams were able to add 4 goals to their total but Team Blair was unable to close the gap permanently and Team Juniors punched their ticket to the big game with a convincing victory – Team Juniors 10 – Team Blair 7.

Next week, August 27, 2014……THE FINALS!

Team Joe  vs. Team Blair     7:00pm
For the Bronze.

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     8:15pm
For all the marbles, balls, grungy, damp towels…. what we all play for….
the LMHLL MemorialBraggingRightsUsedBallofTape Trophy(certificate).

Being as the arena staff wants to go home as soon as possible, championship winning players will be discouraged from doffing their clothes and running around the arena to the adulation of their fan(s) (we really don’t want any arrests or fan/player hospitalizations due to mental trauma), THE TROPHY(certificate) will be presented at the Alibi Roadhouse (Oxford St) shortly after the final game. Assorted munchies will be provided starting at 8:45 or so and more at 10:00, but all first game players are urged to stick around and shower abuse and heckle the teams in the final (or just shower (PLEASE!) and go have nachos, wings and beer – whatever works).

See you all next week for the 2014 finale and subsequent debriefing and discussion at the Alibi.