Not sure who, if anyone, picked the goalie rotation for this game, but it was a fortuitous choice. Justin showed up at the last minute and looked shaky in the opening minutes. Team Blair was up by 4 in the first 10 minutes and Gord was stopping everything Team Joe could throw at him. It wasn’t until the 13 minute mark before Team Joe finally found the back of the net. Both teams settled down to some real lacrosse with Gordon scoring a very late goal to make it 5-2 after 1. Austin got this one back seconds into the 2nd and Team Joe was pushing hard and closing one goal at a time – Low scored just before the goalie switch to close the score to 6-5 and a pretty Low to Austin passing play tied it up shortly after the switch. But that was to be as close as Team Joe was going to get – Vlemmix with 3 straight and Platt with a nice long ball catch and goal opened up the game to make it 10-6 for Team Blair heading into the last few minutes. Low and Austin with a couple of goals made it tense but Platt with a close in goal closed out the scoring – Team Blair up 11-8, 3 minutes to go.  Somebody is going to have to explain to me this Team Blair strategy of taking last minute unforced penalties – leading by 3 in a tight game, Van Slyke takes an unsportsmanlike penalty with 3 minutes to go –  this could get interesting……but, the penalty shot was denied by Gord and Team Blair ran out the clock to win the coveted EveryWinnerHasToGetSomethingChampionOfTheLosersRound Bronze Award (Girl’s Lax Bobblehead version).

Final score Team Blair 11  –  Team Joe 8. Celebrations were cut short and Team Blair was encouraged to leave the floor as the marquee gold medal game was about to start……


2 thoughts on “BRONZE MEDAL GAME 2014

  1. Team Juniors says:

    I’ll take a minute and explain what I think has happened to team blair. I have noticed when watching or playing against Tram Blair is that they have some serious gamers but they get the short end of calls on quite a regular basis. In one game this year they scored a goal on us that wasn’t a goal and all the players on the floor from Team Blair agreed that is was no goal but the REF said “I can’t change my mind now”. Goal stands.

    A week ago they scored on a nice goal on us and the ref called it a goal but then the tall goalie says it’s no goal. Ref changes the call – no goal. I happened to notice a change to the rule on this website the day after the disputed call of that game. Weird.

    I’ve witnessed punches thrown by players not on team Blair but on the other teams and Mine! . One of the combatants has reffed masters games too. Light punishment? Only to get a warning or 2 minute. I would think suspensions should have been handed out to those players. My team included.

    I heard the comment that team Blair made in games final minutes 2 weeks back. ” is that crease ref?”. 2 minutes in the box. It’s really sad to say that the game was handed to us by the refs. Masters lacrosse too. I’m sure team Blair could of pushed us to the brink that game but we are left to wonder because a ref with thin skin or some sort or vendetta against player happened to change the game.

    Of course just my 2 cents.

    All and all a fun season I hope had by most if not all. Thanks for taking time and updating website for game times and changes.

    Team Juniors

  2. Thanks for the remarks Chris on team juniors. I do believe that I am the only Chris on team juniors, if I am not, then thanks for the comments.
    To clear the air from me, I do not care to carve the refs or other players as we are all grown men and women out to have fun. Sure being competitive leads to being emotional, most can keep it in check, and some not so much. DEAL WITH IT!
    Refs are paid to do their jobs, we pay to do ours.
    Thanks for another great year!
    p.s. The use of hornhead as a name is trademarked for people who played there LOL

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