Pretty good turnout at last week’s first signup – about 15 people came and registered, drank some beer, ate some wings and lied (or misremembered) excessively about their lax career exploits – pretty much typical for any lax related get together!

Next signup is Wednesday April 8, 2015 7:00- 10:00 at the Alibi Roadhouse on Oxford St. You can also sign up/pay at the first scheduled floor time but please let us know that you are planning to play this year and do the Insurance Waiver thing ahead of time.

Insurance Waiver can be filled out at:


Login on the right hand side of the page:

OMLA Members Login      xxx
Password        xxxxxx

(email me at gglinavs at sprynet.com and I will forward the login/password)

You have to click on the “CheckIn” button and then the “OK” button on the popup (…sigh…stupid user interface)
Then Online Registration Insurance Waiver on the second row of the menu
Then …”click here to begin”….
Fill in everything including the Postal Code, pick Team: London Masters House League
Scroll down to the bottom and check off the “I have read and agree…” button and “Submit”.

First floor time is expected to be

Wednesday April 15, 2015 8:00- 10:00 at Kinsmen Arena.

As usual we will likely run a couple of weeks of unstructured pickup (no refs) to allow people to get the concept of running back in their minds.