Well, those results were….unexpected!

First game looked like a definite mismatch, Team Juniors had a full bench, Team Russ had …no bench. With Jason talking up the fans in the lobby, Team Russ played most of the 1st period with no spares on the bench but was still able to control the flow of the game and ended the 1st frame up 4-1. Not an unexpected 1st period scenario, but fatigue would likely be a growing factor for the rest of the game. In the 2nd, Team Juniors were able to score 5 goals but Team Russ, with the JKOW leading the way, was able to keep pace with 4 goals of their own and the 2nd period ended with Team Russ up by only 2, 8-6. In the 3rd, the defenses really stepped up (or fatigue slowed everyone to a virtual standstill) and only 3 more goals were scored. End result Team Russ 10 – Team Juniors 7. Not what I would have predicted as a final result but also not previously unseen.

The second game started quickly with Team Blair getting 4 goals early and coasting to a 5-2 lead after 1. They quickly ran up the score to 9-2 and there were rumblings that re-balancing would be needed to break up the “Dream” team…. but, but… the game wasn’t over. First Matt, with a pinpoint laser shot, just off the post, made it 9-3 and then Kyle, shooting from the top, scored with less than 10 sec. left in the period to close the score to 9-4.  You could feel the tectonic shift in momentum. The 3rd period was all (and I mean ALL!) Team Bill – one goal after another, they picked away at the Team Blair defense and completely stifled their opponent’s scorers. The scoreboard count kept getting closer and closer, until, with about 2 minutes left, Team Bill tied the score at 9-9 setting up a wild finish. Team Bill’s players were riding an adrenaline high while the Team Blair players, shoulders slumped, were pulling at their t-shirt collars trying to get breathing space. A couple of chances at either end but both goalies came up big and the clock ran out with the score still deadlocked –  Team Blair 9 – Team Bill 9. Possibly the biggest choke/collapse/ surprise in recent Masters HL history, definitely worth serious mockery and abuse over post game beverages well into the summer! Lacrosse – definitely a game of momentum.

It still appears that re-balancing might be needed but it is unclear which team will need the additional help.

Anyway, next is Week #4 – Wednesday May 20, 2015 Kinsmen Arena

TEAM BILL  vs.  TEAM RUSS     8:00pm – 9:00pm

TEAM BLAIR  vs. TEAM JUNIORS     9:00pm – 10:00pm.

Not sure what to look forward to next week!