The benches were loaded for the first game last night. A much better turnout for Team Bill  and the return of Jon Low raised hopes for Team Bill to make some noise in the standings over the last few weeks of the season. First period seemed to be pretty tight but a couple of pretty in close goals from the Brick allowed Team Juniors to end the period up by 1 – leading 3-2. Another goal by the Brick gave him the hattrick but Team Bill was able to score a few as well and the teams end the 2nd tied at 5. The close game seemed to raise the tension level a bit and there appeared to be more than the usual amount of players congregating in the penalty boxes for extended periods of time…sigh….. Both teams settled down to play lacrosse in the 3rd and Team Juniors were able to score 3 while holding Team Bill to a single goal and the clock ran out for another Team Junior victory – final score 8-6.

In the late game Team Russ started fast capitalizing on the Team Blair goalie’s inability to (a) Stop bounce shots near his stick and  (b) Stop shots dropped over his shoulder…. Team Russ quickly built up a 3 goal lead and appeared to be looking to cruise to an easy victory. Team Blair’s scorers finally got on the scoreboard and pushed in a couple of goals to close the gap to 1 with the period ending with Team Russ ahead 4-3. In the 2nd, Team Russ again pulled ahead, outscoring Team Blair 4 to 1 with the period ending with Team Russ up 8-4. Should be easy to hold on to a 4 goal lead…..right? right? …apparently not. In the 3rd everything went Team Blair’s way, one goal after another,  they kept picking away at the scoreboard. With Billy Byers chipping in a couple of goals from low shots from the high slot and a couple of calls going against the JKOW Team Blair was able to tie up the game and go ahead by one with a minute left in the game. Good ball discipline and a couple of lucky possession calls allowed time to run out for a Team Blair victory 9 – 8 over Team Russ – pretty good comeback (collapse) 5 – 0 goal scoring in the 3rd.

Both games close and interesting… and more than a little bit unpredictable – probably not a good idea to put the retirement savings on any particular week’s betting line.

Next is Week #12 and with Trevor on holidays it will be goalieG vs. goalieG in both games. Wednesday July 22, 2015 Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair  vs.  Team Bill     8:00pm – 9:00pm

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     9:00pm – 10:00pm