From a standings point of view, last night was totally without meaning – no change in seedings, Team Blair moves further ahead, remaining teams stay where they were, goalies GAA gets inexorably higher…sigh….

In the first game there were both surprises and the expected. Fred W opened the scoring for Team Jacquie and added another later in the period – wait! what? Fred with 2 goals? – that wasn’t in the script. On the expected side Dylan and Alex F combined for a couple of goals as usual and Team Jacquie ended the 1st period ahead 4-2. In the 2nd Team Jacquie added a couple of goals and Dylan added what seemed like 3 for Team Lia and the 2nd frame ended with Team Jacquie still ahead 6-5. In the 3rd Team Lia tied it up and pulled ahead but Team Jacquie was able to score late and despite some back and forth in the closing seconds the game ended tied at 9-9 – no change in the standings for these 2 teams.

On to the late game where Team Blair was looking pretty thin at the warmup. A strong looking lineup but with noone on the bench. Some quick recruiting brought 2 reinforcements from Teams Jacquie and Lia in the form of Rob A and Mark C. Once the game began Matt M straggled in and Team Blair continued with 3 on the bench. Team Dirka started the game with 4 quick goals before Team Blair was able to get untracked resulting in Team Dirka leading 4-1 at the end of 1. In the 2nd, Team Blair outscored Team Dirka 4-2 and narrowly missed losing Ian G for the rest of the game when an easy shot to the net that hit Gene in the leg went unseen and didn’t result in a second dangerous shot penalty and game expulsion (minor things leading to major repecussions…). The 2nd period ended with TeamDirka still up 6-5….getting tighter and tighter! In the 3rd, Team Blair scored to tie it up but the Dirks responded and again pulled ahead by one. Then the dam burst, Ian scored on a hard shot that was in and out of the net so fast that people were wondering if the ball had gone off the post instead of bulging the twine. This tied the game and demoralized the Dirks allowing 2 more quick Ian G goals ūüė• (pretty sure the 3rd period would have been different if that dangerous shot penalty would have been seen in the 2nd …sigh…).¬† Going in to the last couple of minutes, now trailing by 2, Team Dirka got one goal back and were pressing hard, getting possesion at the restraining line with 6 sec to go. Could they pull it out with a buzzer beating goal? ….not this time –¬† a pass, a pivot, a quick shot to the net….. but Blair was able to block the shot with his lower body region (always good to take one for the team in a game critical situation) …and time ran out while harsh words were exchanged! Final result Team Blair 9 – Team Dirka 8.

Another week where both games were close and exciting. Still some concern about turnouts for (mostly) Team Blair, but probably manageable.

Next week is Week #9, Wednesday June 29, 2016 Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  Р9:00pm.

Team Jacquie  vs.  Team Dirka     9:00pm  Р10:00pm.

See you then.




7 thoughts on “WEEK #8 RESULTS

  1. Blair says:

    At least Team Blair players apologize for dangerous shots not like Russ – and for him to say he was not sorry….. loser. His shot would have him kicked out of games if he did not run the league

    • admin says:

      Dangerous shot penalty is 2 min plus a penalty shot – no provision for expulsion unless it is the 2nd dangerous shot penalty of the game or 3rd overall penalty. That is why the refs not seeing Ian’s 2nd dangerous shot in the 2nd period was so game altering.

  2. Blair says:

    Whatever, lots of complaining when you lose…….seen that before. At least Ian apologized for his dangerous shot not like Russ – no class.

  3. Euctace says:

    The Russ rule book is definitely not posted here online but etched out, discussed and prepared at the Alibi ( fitting name). The back lot drinking party members are not part of the discussion.

    • admin says:

      Don’t remember anyone voicing any non trivial issues to be reviewed or proposing solutions or changes to the Masters HL program. Let us know if we need to discuss or address anything that concerns you.


  4. Euctace says:

    What about the trivial issues then?

    • admin says:

      If you have anything trivial to complain about, and I’m sure you do, bring it up and we’ll address it as appropriate.


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