She was a hot one on the floor last night and both games were hotly contested as well. A full rematch of last weeks games (have to talk to the scheduler to see how that happened) and though the results were different, no overall change in seeding.

In the first game Team Blair was short handed AGAIN while Team Lia’s bench was full to overflowing. Team Lia’s Owen Sound contingent was convinced to move to the dark side to play for their opponents and the game was on. Team Blair scored first, then Team Lia scored a couple and Team Blair responded with 1 to have the teams exit the 1st tied 2-2. In the 2nd, Dylan took over for Team Lia, scoring 2 of his eventual total of 5 goals, all close in and to the far corner – (I KNOW where its going, just can’t #^##&%!!&* STOP it! ) but Team Blair was able to keep pace and add an extra to end the 2nd leading 5-4. In the 3rd Dylan scored a couple more and his teammates popped a couple while Team Blair was only able to respond with 2, pressuring hard but unable to get control of the ball at the end to mount one last push to the net. Time ran out on a Team Lia victory 8-7 over Team Blair. Not as much of a blowout as last week, BUT 2 straight wins for a resurgent Team Lia and 2 losses in a row for a struggling Team Blair. Signs and portents for the tail end of the season……?

In the 2nd game both teams put on strong displays of team defense. Team Dirka won the 1st period 3-2 but then the Team Jacquie defense stepped up their game shutting out the Dirks in the 2nd while scoring 2 of their own. 2nd period ended with Team Jacquie up 4-3. In the 3rd it was Team Dirka’s turn to shine on defense with Justin being particularly stingy in net, shutting out Team Jacquie in the 3rd. With neither team scoring early and getting to the latter part of the period, the JKOW took control and put things away, first scoring to tie it up from his spot on the front edge of the crease and then winning a hard fought face off and scoring again to put the Dirks up by 1 heading in to the final minutes. Team Jacquie pushed hard but the Dirks were able to score a late insurance marker and run out the time on a 6-4 victory. Last week 11 goals, this week only 10, I put it down to strong defense and good goal tending…not both team’s inability to score…¬† ūüėõ …right?

Overall, very competitive and fun games….and as a bonus, both goalie GAAs went down for a change! Can’t complain about that!.

Next week is Week #11 Wednesday July 13, 2016 Kinsmen Arena

Team Lia  vs.  Team Dirka     8:00pm-9:00pm.

Team Blair  vs.  Team Jacquie     9:00pm Р10:00pm.

See you on the floor next week.