Another couple of good games at Kinsmen last night – unfortunately 1 was the result of another Team Blair(less) default. Disturbing and makes moving forward into the playoffs a challenge.

Pretty good turnouts for both teams in the early game. Team Jacquie started things off early with 3 goals while keeping Team Dirka off the scoreboard, exiting the 1st period leading 3-0. In the 2nd both teams scored a couple, Team Dirka getting 1 and then having Team Jacquie score to maintain their 3 goal lead. 2nd period ended with Team Jacquie still up by 3 , 5-2. In the 3rd Team Dirka pushed harder scoring 2 while only allowing 1, but Team Jacquie’s defense and more stellar goaltending from JustinP allowed them to play out the 3rd period on a 6-4 victory. 10 total goals in a Master’ House League game – pretty stingy – good defense, good goaltending or ineffective scoring – you decide. Team Jacquie guarantees their first place finish in the regular season standings (Greasy Bucket of Used Balls Trophy/Bucket/Cup/ Certificate). JustinP finishes another stellar season of goaltending with a 12-1-1 record. A spectacular 89% winning percentage over 14 games that eclipses his 2014 80% average over 23 games. Team Dirka, what can you say? …recipients of the 2016 participant certificate (Roll of Crumpled Up, Used Tape (3M) Participant Ribbon/Certificate).

In the 2nd game, another disappointing turnout from Team Blair(less) – only 3 runners! I guess watching Olympic Women’s rhythmic gymnastics on TV is more important than coming out for the regular season finale of summer lacrosse. Another 1-0 forfeit loss for Team Blair – luckily the results of the 1st game didn’t require going to the tie breaker between Team Blair(less) and Team Dirka because recording forfeits as 1-0 scores distorts the calculation of the OLA GF/(GF+GA) formula actually benefiting the offending team. May have to consider using 9-0 as the score of record in the future. In any case a few players from the early games were recruited to both teams and a “friendly” was played. JustinP, always an early adopter played out with a fancy (and expensive) new lacrosse head looking like some sort of unholy breeding experiment crossing a jock strap with some sort of hygiene product – interesting and it resulted in some apparently precision passes and at least one nice pinpoint goal – wonderful! when do the goalies get new, game changing technological innovations?…. Probably never, because….sigh…. we’re goalies!  😥  Both teams scored 4 times in the 1st period, and the Blairs* outgunned the Lias 3-2 in both the 2nd and 3rd periods leading to a Team Blair(less)* tainted victory 10-8.

On to the playoffs… 1st vs 4th – Team Jacquie vs Team Dirka and 2nd vs. 3rd Team Lia vs. Team Blair. It looks like Team Lia may have lucked in to a potentially easy path to the finals…maybe. A Team Blair forfeit or showing up with only 5 runners – easy trip to the finals but no chance to get really warmed up…maybe. The betting line will be interesting on this one. As noted earlier, seasonal seedings gets you your choice of starting goaltenders (goalies will switch teams at the halfway point of each game) – I’ll be contacting the teams early next week to record their choices. Also, for the playoffs you play with your rostered players only – if <5 runners, automatic forfeit, 5 runners, play with those 5 or forfeit, team’s choice, no recruiting. 6+ runners…Game ON!

Next is Week #1 of the playoffs, Wednesday August 24, 2016 Kinsmen Arena

Team Jacquie  vs  Team Dirka     8:00pm – 9:00pm.

Team Blair  vs.  Team Lia     9:00pm – 10:00pm.

Now the show really begins!