We finished our Masters Houseleague season last week. Both teams battled hard with Team 1 Maroon taking the final game with a well earned 7-5 victory. Maroon scorers included Andrew Earnshaw (2), Ryan Clements (2), Dylan English (2), and Jason Jankowski (1), playing in front of Zach Grace. Congratulations Maroon !!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended (all 17 runners, both goalies Zach Grace and Shawn Snow, Referee Brian McCutcheon and Timekeeper Rowan, there might have been a fan or two in the stands but we can leave them as anonymous. It was one of our most action packed games of the season with plenty of speed, lots of shots, quality goaltending, and good sportsmanship.

The post game social at Mustang Sally’s was a good way to round out the season with some good food, drinks, and laughs. Thanks to those who attended, much appreciated!

In summary, it was certainly an interesting season coming out of our sheltered and Covid impacted lives. I want to thank each and every person who played and hope you all have a fun and safe summer. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming news and information.

Take care,





Masters Lacrosse – Week 9 / FINAL GAME & SOCIAL

Good day all;

  • We play our FINAL GAME on Wednesday, June 29th at Nichols Arena, Pad C, 8:00-9:00pm.
  • Please arrive early to dress, game will begin at 8:05pm sharp.
  • The teams are shown on the website, see link; http://www.londonmasterslacrosse.com/wordpress/rosters-2022
  • The Goalie match up will be Zach (Team 1 / Maroon) vs. Shawn (Team 2 / White).

** There has been a change of location for the social. We will get together after the game at MUSTANG SALLY’S on Wharncliffe to wrap up the season. Food will be provided. Hope everyone can make it out. **

See you on Wednesday night.