Well, WEEK 1 is done and no one died. That’s always a plus. Seriously, both games were fast and very competitive…and did I mention  FAST! scary faster and better than 2 years ago – if this keeps up we will soon have NLL scouts standing at the boards watching and recruiting.

Anyway in Game 1 Team Joe 7 – Team Russ 3 – the game would have been closer if Jankowski could score to save his life instead of pirouetting at the crease and flopping on the floor. In Game 2  Team Blair 12 – Team Juniors 11 with Jeff Williamson snatching victory from the jaws of an (almost) certain tie by flashing across the front of the net to pick off a cross crease pass with only 1 sec to go. Defense! on Team Blair?…what a concept!

Next is WEEK #2 (Wednesday May 7) with the following games:

Team Juniors  vs Team Joe     8:00 -9:00

Team Blair vs Team Russ     9:00 – 10:00

Check out the rosters and let us know if your name has been missed or you still want to register. Additional spaces are very scarce and you will have to go through a thorough vetting process with numerous interviews to be assigned a space. Buying a couple of rounds wouldn’t hurt matters either.

I will try to get a full schedule done up and posted shortly.