Marvelous what having enough bodies on the bench can accomplish….. last tournament 1 win, 3 losses, this time the results are reversed 3 wins and 1 loss – AROOOOOOOH!

In the Friday night game Whitby started the scoring in the 1st but both teams struggled against air tight defenses for the remainder of the opening period. Early in the 2nd, BigBobF opened up London’s weekend scoring with a pretty goal crashing through the middle. Whitby replied soon after with London’s TheBrick tieing it up a minute later followed by another Whitby goal a couple minutes after that – 2nd period ending with Whitby up 3-2 – tight game, no room for error. Finally in the 3rd it was all Werewolves with the JKOW scoring a couple and MattA scoring the 5th London goal midway through the period. For the rest of the period Werewolves held on to the ball and picked up loose balls left and right to deny Whitby any chance to recover. Time ran out on a London 5-3 victory over Whitby – a good game and a great start to the weekend.

The 1st Saturday game was against last tournament’s nemesis – 6Nations. London was looking to reverse their fortunes this time round but it was not to be. Scoring was relatively light in the 1st period with Nations popping 4 and London replying with 2 and actually leading for a few minutes early in the game. That short lived lead was the best it was going to be in this game – Nations scored 3 in the 2nd before London could reply once, early in the 3rd. A comeback would have been nice but Nations bore down and added 6 goals to put the Wolves out of their misery. So much for a that game!

The 2nd Saturday game was another replay from the last tournament with Niagara as the opponent. London scored in the 1st minute of the game and then clamped down on defense for the rest of the period. Scoring another goal early in the 2nd but allowing Niagara a quick reply kept the game close with London leading 2-1 at the goalie change. In the 3rd Niagara tied it up early to make it momentarily tense but the Wolves pulled ahead just over a minute laterĀ  and then scored an insurance goal a minute and a half after that. 10 minutes of lock down defense maintained the 2 goal lead and the Wolves ran out the time on their 2nd win of the weekend, 4-2 over Niagara. 2 goals against in Masters lacrosse – unprecedented ….only scoring 4 goals – typical! But..a win is a win!

After a very enjoyable debriefing at the Fergus (ex) mayoral mansion where things both lacrosse and global warming/religion were discussed/argued, it was on to Sunday’s final game. After a leisurely breakfast, it was game on against Barrie. London scored early with Barrie replying midway through the 1st period. London scored late to exit the period ahead 2-1. Turning on the jets for the rest of the game the Wolves scored 4 in the 2nd, allowing only 1 and then a split the 3rd with each team scoring a couple of goals – final score London 8 – Barrie 4. Another impressive win for the Wolves with JodyH leading the way with 3 and the JKOW adding a couple more. Pretty good defense kept the goals against at a respectable 4.

Overall a pretty good weekend – 3 wins and 1 (lopsided loss) – ignoring the 6Nations game the Wolves GAA was a stellar 3 – awesome.

On to Niagara in 4 weeks – improving the tournament-on-tournament performance might be difficult but stranger things have happened.