Week #12 – nothing changed, no change in overall standings, Justin’s streak didn’t increase or get broken, only some goalie GAAs wobbled a bit…

In the early game both teams were raring to go, strong lineups and 6-7 extras on the bench. Team Lia jumped to a quick 2 goal lead but Team Jacquie kept pace with a couple of their own. The rest of the period involved Team Lia scoring to take the lead and Team Jacquie tieing it up soon after. 1st period ended with the teams tied 4-4. The 2nd period was more of the same with the teams exchanging a goals twice before Team Jacquie was able to break the pattern with a late goal to pull ahead, exiting the 2nd period leading 7-6. Team Jacquie kept up the pressure in the 3rd scoring a couple more goals to open up a 3 goal lead before Team Lia could reply. A single late goal gave Team Lia some hope of a comeback but, despite lots of late game pressure and chances no further goals resulted. Team Jacquie held on for a hard fought 9-7 victory to add 2 to their league leading points total.

The less said about the 2nd game the better – Team Blair started early with an IanG goal on the first possession – a portent of things to come. 3 goals from BlairW and another from IanG  allowed Team Blair to coast to an easy 5-1 lead at the end of 1. More goals from Ian and Blair in the 2nd (whose idea was it to leave Ian unguarded and free for numerous uncontested breakaways…. in hind sight not a particularly good strategy!) and Team Blair held a dominant lead, 10-2 at the end of 2. With the lopsided score, tempers flared a bit with resulting penalties – luckily nothing too serious. In the 3rd, Team Dirka was finally able to get untracked, scoring 3 goals, but Team Blair more than kept pace with 4 more of their own. Final result, Team Blair in a blowout 14-5 victory.

Next is Week #13 Wednesday July 26, 2017 Kinsmen Arena

Team Blair  vs.  Team Lia     8:00pm  –  9:00pm.

Team Dirka  vs.  Team Jacquie     9:00pm  – 10:00pm.

See you on the floor.