My GOD! Does no one have any respect for the integrity of the game? This isn’t about having FUN! What about about the ProLine picks?

It looks like there was some shady collusion at the start of the game between Team Dirka and Team Lia.Apparently lots of pre game exchanges, trades, sales ….both teams appeared to be a random mixture of the 2 rosters. HEH! if the teams can share rosters they will have to share the trophies as well! Since both teams will get a portion of each of the trophies available, only the goalie winner for the early game had yet to be determined. In the 1st half of the game, both teams scored and it looked like Justin would be ahead at the switch, but a late Team Lia/Dirka(?) goal on Team Dirka/Lia(?) tied it up and the Gord and Justin switched at the half, tied 5-5. In the 2nd half of the game, goals were exchanged but Team Dirka/Lia (or was it Team Lia/Dirka? …whatever) scored a couple of extra goals on GordC to end what appeared to be a very enjoyable, low key game with a 8-6 score.

So, in the Toilet Bowl, Team Dirka/Lia gets the Bronze Bobblehead doll trophy/certificate and Team Lia/Dirka gets the StainedBedPan trophy – should make dong the name tags interesting. Justin wins the first game over Gord 8-6.

On to the finals!