With the Championship game ready to start, there appeared to be be some last minutes fluctuation in the betting lines – Team Jacquie appeared to be short some key players – the point spread was shifting from the early line – would Team Jacquie have enough scoring to overcome Team Blair’s explosive offense? Any scoring would be better than 2016! …

And the Team Blair offense exploded early with IanG continuing his scoring dominance from the previous week, scoring the opening goal just 30s in. Another IanG over the shoulder goal from pretty far out increased the lead to 2 shortly thereafter. A Team Blair goal from Bummer driving through the middle with a precise shot just along the post increased the lead to 3 before the Brick could put up a marker. 1st period ended with Team Blair leading 3-1. In the period break, Gord rushed off for an emergency stick repair and was back on the floor in short order to keep the game going. In the 2nd, Team Jacquie’s ThePickle scored a with precision shot to close the gap but, IanG, (who else?), with an unexpected long, low shot, restored Team Blair’s lead to 2 just before the goalie change. At the half, Team Blair leads 4-2 and Gord leads Justin 2-4 – close game! Right after the change, NateH narrowed the gap to 1 with a nice goal after an extended run from the boards. On the subsequent face-off, IanG, AGAIN! got the quick feed and increased the lead to 2 and then, from the ensuing face off, Bummer, with a precision shot to the far low corner increased the lead to 3. Obviously faceoff possesions are important in this game, as ThePickle took a pass and put a pinpoint goal to the low short side and the Team Blair lead was back to 2. Lacrosse – a game of momentum shifts! Coming up to the end of the 2nd period BigAdam, with a big windup, lasered a hard shot along the floor that evaded Gord and Team Blair exited the period leading 7-4 – would that be enough? In the 3rd. JeffW’s hard shot trickled through Gord’s pads and ANOTHER IanG goal, this time, a low shot from up high, upped the lead to 5 – now the game should be in the bag…or NOT. A nice cross crease quick stick goal from BrentY followed by another goal from NateH driving through the middle gave some hope for a Team Jacquie comeback but time was the implacable enemy with the clock running out before any more goals could be scored. Final score Team Blair 9 – Team Jacquie 6 – a fast, hard fought game. Team Blair gets the coveted CrystalBallofUsedTape Trophy and Team Jacquie retires to contemplate losing for the 2nd yr running. An uncomfortable question, but one that has to be asked – usually the Playoff Champion MVP books his trip to Disneyworld AFTER winning! What was RobA thinking booking a Disney trip instead of playing. A couple of additional face off wins, a goal or two….. Priorities? Just sayin! In the goalie battle GordC beats out Justin with a close 7-8 victory!

Retiring to the Alibi for refreshments and the distribution of the various trophy/certificates and (hopefully) suitable mockery and ribbing, the Summer2017 season of LMHLL draws to a close – lots of good games, stellar goals and a hopefully a good time for all. Only 30 odd weeks to go before Summer2018!