We have winter floor time available this fall and winter Wednesdays 8:00-10:00 at Silverwoods. As a trial we are thinking of making it available for winter pickup lacrosse at no additional charge to LMHLL summer players (and interested others) – too hard to try to collect money on a session by session basis.

General thought is to do every 2nd week – October to December and then, if the interest is there, go to weekly for Jan or Feb – April.

No fixed teams, no refs , just pickup or if numbers don’t work out for any particular week, just throwing the ball around and working on sticks. Goalie participation – it would be good to have 2 goalies max each for each session but will need someone to coordinate (I won’t be doing the coordination duties).

Big kicker is that for insurance purposes through the city, for “pickup” activities, we really need competent, consistent representation at each session – someone has to be there representing the renter to make sure that the floor, arena, space is more or less safe for the intended activity and to provide general oversight to make sure nothing particularly stupid is going on. Soooooo….we need a couple or more guys that think they will be attending on a regular basis to step up and be the ….”competent representatives” . Without “representatives” we will likely cancel the pre-Christmas times and only try to keep the 2019 times leading up to next years HL season.

Think it over and get back to me as soon as possible with your thoughts and suggestions. FWIW this may be our only chance to get a shot at winter floor time going forward – if we don’t take advantage of what the City has made available we may never get a chance for winter lax floor time in the future.