A surprisingly warm arena floor displayed 2 well played games but the results never seemed to be in doubt – Team Sharley repeats as LMHLL Champions with a convincing 8-3 victory over Team Lia.

In the early game, scoring was scarce for the first half as Team Jacquie exited the 1st period up 2-1, and both teams doubled their goal output to the half way mark, Team Jacquie ahead 4-2 at the goalie switch. After the goalie change, Team Jacquie kept scoring, adding 2 more in the latter half of the 2nd and 3 additional goals in the 3rd while allowing Team Dirka only a couple of late goals to end the game. Final score – Team Jacquie 9 – Team Dirka 4. Team Jacquie gets the EveryWinnerHasToGetSomethingChampionOfTheLosersRound Bronze Award (Girl’s Lax Bobblehead version) for the Bronze Medal win while Team Dirka retains the SilverBedpanToiletBowlLoser – as co-recipients last year they didn’t even have to clean it before receiving it again – the patina on the trophy seems to be getting …darker!  In the goalie battle Carson eked out a late victory, 6-7 over G2 – he probably should buy beers for Karl and FredW who scored a couple of very nice, but somewhat unexpected goals, to bolster his victory.

In the championship game, goal scoring was pretty slim in the early going as well – with the teams tied at 2 at the end of a hard fought 1st period. Team Sharley scored a late goal just before the goalie switch and then added 2 more in the latter half of the 2nd to start the 3rd period leading 5-2. Team Sharley was able to add 3 more goals while allowing only a single return marker and easily ran out the clock on a convincing 8-3 victory – a fitting response to the 9-1 drubbing they received on the last week of the season. In the goalie battle, Justin got his 16th win of the 2018 season beating Gord 7-4 and maintaining his 2018 unbeaten record of 16-0-1 with a spectacular 4.5 GAA. Team Sharley gets the coveted LMHLL MemorialBraggingRightsUsedBallOfTape Championship card (suitable for framing).

A subset of the players moved on to the Alibi to discuss past season exploits and accomplishments while re-hydrating and rebuilding nacho and pizza reserves in preparation for winter lacrosse (or hibernation as the case may be).

Overall it seemed to be another good summer season – lots of close games, few blowouts, a reasonable semblance of parity (usually totally dependent on which and how many players showed up on any particular evening). One game of unpleasantness but everyone was generally well behaved and we trust that most everyone had a good time. Only 33 weeks to go before the start of the Summer2019 season.

Watch this website over the next couple of days for information regarding Winter Masters Lacrosse in London. Will likely be alternate Wednesday nights 8:00-10:00pm at Silverwoods arena – October to March. That is the plan for now but more details will follow shortly.

Hope to see some (most) of you on the floor over the winter and back again next April for the Summer2019 HL lacrosse season.