Another week’s games in to the record books – player turnouts were a bit lower than usual – might be something to do with the Knights and Chicago/LA games on TV plus the JrB game going on at Nicholls. First game went a bit long with the 3×20 min periods and specific curfew procedures will have to be distributed to the refs and timekeepers to keep the early games on track. The second game was, for some reason, switched back to 3×15 min periods, possibly due to the shorter benches. Some discussion will be required to see if we want to make shortening games optional or not – we have the time to 10:30 and we are paying the officials to that time as well.

Anyway on to the  results – first game seemed to be back and forth with Team Russ getting to Justin a bit early and threatening to blow the game wide open. The visiting (ringer/import) goalie from Fergus played well with an interesting style that seemed to confuse some of the shooters but he wasn’t able to stop Team Joe from eventually pulling ahead for good and winning the game. Final score Team Joe 10 – Team Russ 7.

Second game had the unbeaten Team Blair looking to extend their lead at the top of the standings over the struggling Team Juniors. This might have been a good PROLINE underdog pick as Team Blair showed up flat, unable to pass, score or play defense while Team Juniors were relentless, picking the corners and coasting to an easy victory – Team Juniors 12 – Team Blair 4.

On the league discipline front, Mike Frith is serving a 3 game suspension for his Game Misconduct and Gross Misconduct for unsportsmanlike behavior/verbal abuse of officials from last week. Just a reminder our rules are fairly strict – there is zero tolerance for verbal abuse or unsportsmanlike conduct. You may not be warned when you get close to the line and the penalties are …severe. You have been cautioned.

Next is Week #5 May 28, 2014

Team Juniors vs Team Joe     8:00pm

Team Blair vs Team Russ     9:15pm