Updated playing rules have been added. The previously posted rules were….old. Playing rules have been updated to current OML playing rules modified with a few custom LML tweaks.

An ABOUT US page has been added to clarify how LML is run. Note that we are not bound by what the OLA or OML does – we are an independent entity. Our game, our rules!

Note that the additional/new pinnies are now in – if you don’t have a blue/white reversible pinnie yet, please see Russ at next week’s game to get one. It will be good to get consistent numbers so people (refs) can tell who is who. Won’t help for the special needs crowd that consistently forget their pinnies at home and haven’t figured out yet that having a extra blue and/or white t-shirt in their bag might make things easier …as opposed to bringing red or “white front/ blue back” shirts (really? in what alternate reality did anyone think that sort of t-shirt colour scheme would be workable on the floor) to the games that, surprisingly enough, are regularly scheduled EVERY Wednesday night.