Whoa! both games decided with less than a minute to go AND Team Dirka with their 1st victory of the season!

In the early game Team Jacquie got off to a quick start, getting the loose ball right off the face off and putting it in to the net at the 10s mark. Then they did it again less than a minute later. ūüôĄ Maybe the goalie should have warmed up a bit and not relied on the hot arena for “warm up”. Team Jacquie scored again and it looked like it was going to be a long night for the Team Lia bench.¬† But, TeamL did not roll over and give up – first one goal, then another and another and the game was tied. A last minute goal put TeamJ in the lead at the end of the 1st period 4-3. In the 2nd Team Lia tied it at 4 before Team Jacquie popped in 2 quick goals to up their lead to 2. Team Lia scored a couple of goals late in the period to tie the game again – the 2nd period ended with the teams tied at 6. In the 3rd, Team Jacquie pulled ahead by 1 early and then tried to hold off a hard charging Team Lia. With a couple of minutes left TeamL scored to tie it up and it looked like both teams would settle for a tie in the stifling heat…but NO! … a turnover and a couple of passes and the ball was in the net with under a minute to play – Team Lia was ahead for the first and only time in the game – a face off and TeamL possession and the time ran out on an exciting game – Team Lia 8 – Team Jacquie 7. A great game – good lacrosse, exciting back and forth…lots of fun.

In the late game both teams were short staffed and had to pick up mercenaries from the early game. For the first 2 periods Team Sharley played a controlled precision game ending the 1st period leading 3-1 and the 2nd 5-2. An early goal in the 3rd and things were looking good for a TeamS victory….but it was not to be. A couple of intercepted passes leading to Team Dirka goals and the lead was cut to 2 with time running out. Less than 3 minutes to go – ball control and time management should be enough! right? right? Maybe not…. a picked off pass and the lead is cut to one goal. There is a slight premonition of Team Sharley letting victory slip through their fingers, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. With less than a minute to go, an unneeded early shot (bad!) but a pickup of the loose ball (good!) and another unneeded shot (bad!) and another rebound pickup (GOOD!) – just run out the time and everything will be good….but NOOOO – another unneeded shot that hits a defender…sigh…¬† A TeamD penalty shot goal and it’s tied at 7 and Team Dirka still on the power play. Team Dirka wins the face off, presses, shoots wide!, the ball goes to the corner with time running out, but a quick pickup and a pass out to the shooter’s position and a last second desperation shot….it trickles in…. GOALLLLLL! 0.8s on the clock! Team Dirka wins their 1st game of the season Team Dirka 7 – Team Sharley 6. A heart breaker game for Team Sharley but an uplifting win for Team Dirka.

On to Week #12, the end of the fourth round robin, Wednesday July 24, 2019, Nichols Arena

Team Sharley¬† vs.¬† Team Lia¬† ¬† ¬†8:00pm¬† –¬† 9:00pm.

Team Dirka¬† vs.¬† Team Jacquie¬† ¬† ¬†9:00pm¬† –¬† 10:00pm.¬†

See you all next week.