A couple of high scoring but close games last night. In game #1 Team Juniors were eventually able to pull away from Team Joe and run out the clock at the end – final result  Team Juniors 12  – Team Joe 10. In the 2nd game Team Blair kept getting a few goals  and then letting Team Russ catch up. Entering the last few minutes in a hard fought and not particularly friendly game, Team Blair was up by 2, but they couldn’t keep the young speedsters off the scoreboard and Team Russ tied it up and pulled ahead to win in a close one. Final result Team Russ 13 – Team Blair 12. Good turnouts with Team Juniors having a very full bench. Next is week #9 – June 25, 2014.

Team Juniors  vs.  Team Russ     8:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Joe     9:15pm