12 seemed to be the number last night – at least for one of the goalies. In the first game lead changed hands for the first 2 periods, neither team getting ahead by more than 1 goal. In the 3rd period Team Juniors were able to pull ahead a bit and held off Team Russ for a hard fought win – Team Juniors 12 – Team Russ 9. Couple of players got a bit testy at the end – GUYS! this is for fun, scouts and contract negotiators were only here for the second game last night.

In the 2nd game, there was no contest at all. Justin stood on his head the few times Team Joe was able to test him and Team Blair must be in contract negotiations or have half season performance bonus calculations coming up because they were pushing hard right to the end to score that 12th goal with less than a minute to go. Final score Team Blair 12 – Team Joe 2.

Next week, July 2, 2014 is Week #10.

Team Joe  vs.   Team Russ     8:00pm

Team Blair  vs.  Team Juniors     9:15pm.


2 thoughts on “WEEK #9 RESULTS

  1. Nervous Oldtimer says:

    Will the players that were involved with the face to face and pushing/shoving be suspended for their actions? The same player seems to be involved in this type of play in many games.

    It’s my understanding that face to face is considered a fight in masters lacrosse.

    I’m hoping a few games are handed out as I’m too old to be involved with that type of “masters” lacrosse.

    Waiting and listening…

    • admin says:

      As per the rules a face-to-face is supposed to be 2+10 – no GM unless it escalates. Both players were given USC(unsportsmanlike) which technically should have resulted in penalty shots + 2 min minors – but it appears that as the incident occurred at the end of the game it was only written up as USC. I haven’t heard of any further action being contemplated at this time – if you think further discussion is warranted – please talk to Russ before or after the early game tonight.


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