Thank you for registering for Masters Lacrosse, based on lower than usual registration numbers likely related to returning from the pandemic, we are writing to provide an update about IMPORTANT changes for this House League season.
  • 39 players have registered in total, which will require a THREE (3) team format.
  • The THREE (3) team format cannot go on for 18 weeks, so we will be cutting the season down.
  • The season will still START on the same day Wednesday, April 20th (Day 1) at Nichols Arena.
  • The game times will be 8:00-9:00pm and/or 9:00-10:00pm every week.
  • After two weeks of pick up lacrosse to start, we will have 9 weeks of regular season. Once every 3 weeks, each team will have to play a double header (ie. Two games, back to back.). This will happen 3 times for each team. 
  • There will be no playoffs, best record takes bragging rights.
  • The season will now END on Wednesday, June 29th. Just in time for summer holidays.
  • The cost per player has been reduced to $175.00 / player total for the season, no tax.
To complete registration, please arrange payment of $175.00 by e-transfer to: LONDON MASTERS LACROSSE ASSOCIATION,
In the notes section of the transfer, enter; MASTERS HL and ‘Name of Player’.
It will auto-deposit, no password required. A receipt confirmation will be sent back by e-mail once deposited.
Payment DUE DATE: this Friday, April 15th.
No cash, thank you.
* Players will NOT be allowed on the floor without payment being received, no exceptions.
We will accommodate friend requests to start the season but changes may be made to ensure fun back and forth lacrosse for all.
Since we have many new players, we are going to order some new shirts. We are hoping they will be ready soon. Just in case, please put both a ‘dark shirt’ and ‘light shirt’ in your equipment bag for week 1 and week 2. We will hand out the shirts once available, current target is May 4th.
You will need a helmet with metal from cage and chin cup strap, gloves, and lacrosse stick. Running shoes with good rubber on the bottom are suggested. You can wear any shorts you like.
Before coming to Day 1, please read the ‘Masters Rules’ on the website, left hand side menu.
For any questions, please contact me anytime.
Rob Ashmore  
London Masters Lacrosse